Kick Off The Summer With These Landscaping Tips!

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that the heat is coming; we live in the desert it’s almost always hot here! But during the waning days of spring (can you believe temps have already reached 96 degrees?) it is time to get out there and spruce up your landscape before the first wave of triple digits hit! And because we don’t have long and time is of an essence, we at New Image Landscape and Pools have decided to help you out with a list of some of our favorite landscaping tips. Just follow along and by the time the valley reaches 100 degrees for the first time, your landscape should be impressive and peaceful and you can spend your leisure hours being leisurely; floating in your pool, sitting under the gazebos with the misters going, and when it gets REALLY hot, sitting inside the cool air conditioning, staring through the windows of your home out onto a beautifully landscaped Arizona yard!

Low Tech Tips

Not every landscape tip has to involve hi tech gear and expensive doodads some of the best tips are inexpensive, simple, and work wonderfully. For example, did you know that mulch can help keep the ground around your trees moist? Saving our most precious resource and only taking up a little bit of your time, simply purchase a bag or three from your local home store, spread it around the base of your trees, and watch them thrive during the hottest months of the year! Also, if your tree is in a particularly sunny spot and doesn’t have a full canopy of leaves to protect its trunk, you can purchase a protective tree wrap to keep it from being sunburned. (Who knew trees could get sunburnt?) The last of our low tech tips may not always be easy, especially during wetter springs, but if you get out there and pull all the spring weeds and then spray a simple pre-emergence, you won’t have to deal with city inspectors and HOA fees when your well-watered landscape begins to take on a jungle like appearance!

Plant These in Your Arizona Yard Before it Gets Too Hot

We all know that 100 degrees is still practically sweater weather for hardy desert dwellers, so now is the time to get out there and plant! June is the perfect month to plant seeds for your vegetable garden, including Armenian Cucumbers, Cantaloupe and Muskmelon. The happiest gardens often feature the happiest flowers of all, the beautiful sunflower, so now is a great time to plant those as well. (Did you know that on cloudy days when there is no sun, sunflowers turn to each other for light? Don’t you wish we humans could do that as well?) If water is our most precious resource, we think SHADE should be considered our most precious commodity and now is the perfect time to start planting trees that provide just that. Crape Myrtles provide a colorful canopy of green punctuated with brilliant crimson blooms and Ficus trees soften the look of your yard with their dense canopy of dark green leaves, providing beauty and shade all year long. Looking to give your backyard pool area a tropical look that feels cool even when temperatures reach the 120s? Date Palms can give your landscape the feel of the tropics and as they grow tall and sturdy can be used to tie hammocks too!

High Tech Prep

And then there are the high tech ways to kick off the summer solstice, designed to make your summer chores less complicated. Add a sprinkler system with bubblers attached and a timer that allows you to preprogram watering times and offer rain pauses during monsoon season. It is simply amazing how detailed these modern inventions can be and how much water that can be saved, especially if you have been hand watering or have set up a sprinkler attached to a hose. How many times have you forgotten to turn the sprinkler off and woken up the next morning to soggy yards and a much higher water bill? The sprinkler system with timer avoids any waste! Another high tech idea that can be especially enjoyed in the summer months is an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor (or summer) kitchen has come a long way from the early days when they mostly consisted of propane grills and occasionally a built in sink attached to a water hose. Today, your outdoor kitchen can include a pizza oven, mini fridge, and ceiling fans to help keep the cook cool as well as the house since no cooking will be held inside! If you are wondering how an outdoor kitchen could be considered a landscape option, just look out at your yard without one and imagine how much more beautiful it would look with its own kitchen!

Time’s Moving Quickly!

Give us a call today and let’s kick off your summer shenanigans with a new landscape!

Low-Water Plants For Your Landscape

So, how much time are you spending outside playing in this gorgeous Phoenix weather? If you are like most of us desert dwellers, chances are you stay outside as much as possible, reveling in near perfect temperatures and possibly even leaving the windows open at night to capture as much of the fresh air as you can before the mercury soars once again. This is the time of year we turn our attention to the gardens that bring us so much pleasure, even during those months we only view them from the inside of our air-conditioned homes. If you are of like mind and are looking to turn your yard into a drought tolerant oasis, this guide to low-water Arizona plants will help increase the beauty of your home while helping save our most precious resource!

Fire in the Yard

A desert plant does not have to be bare and arid looking, there are actually many blooming plants that flower beautifully without requiring a heavy watering schedule. The most dramatic of these flowering plants is the Mexican Bird of Paradise, producing fiery blooms in shades of crimson, gold, and orange that add beauty to any yard. Requiring minimal water and full sun, this desert plant is very popular and graces the yards of many of your neighbors.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

The Texas Sage is another common flowering bush out here, one you may recognize by the silvery green leaves, its purple and yellow blossoms, and the occasional buzzing of the bees that live off its nectar! This plant is a boon for the desert environment, requiring very little water (it can actually die from overwatering!) and full sun, but its attractiveness to bees and butterflies is much needed in a world where honeybees are rapidly dying out.

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White is a Color Too

We often overlook the appeal of pure white, but not when it comes to the Little Leaf Cordia plant. Featuring dark green leaves that serve as a dramatic backdrop to the happy white flowers of the plant, this desert dweller can grow up to 8 foot tall and is drought tolerant once it has fully established. This beautiful bush does require a little more water in the beginning days. Also requiring full sun, even during the hottest months of the year, the Little Leaf Cordia provides a beautiful barrier between yards when used as a shrub.

More Drama for your Yard

Bougainvillea is a bush that produces vibrantly hued blooms, surviving best in full sun and blooming better when watered less! Also offering large thorns can render painful scratches and punctures, it is best planted in areas that children won’t play and that pets won’t be tempted to chew on; it’s leaves are mildly poisonous and when ingested in larger quantities could make your precious pup feel poorly. (it is not poisonous enough to kill)


The Oleander is the last of our flowering low-water plants and is one that can make a mighty big impression! Used as hedges for privacy, it can grow up to 20 feet tall and blooms multiple times throughout the year. The flowers on the oleander range from pure white to fuchsia pink and does best in full sun. The downside to this easy growing plant is that it is also poisonous, but because of the bitterness of its taste, it can still be ok to plant where pets might be able to get to it. If you are worried about your pet still trying to eat it, however, it can make a perfect barrier for the front yard of your home.

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The Allure of Succulents

Surprisingly, as thick and juicy as the standard succulent looks, they do not require much water to thrive! Let the soil dry out completely (this will happen more often in the summer) before watering again, and your succulent will do well. The ones that do best in the desert include desert milkweed, blue yucca, sago palms, and of course, different varieties of the Aloe Plant. Aloes are an extremely popular desert plant, known for its healing properties, soothing skin burns, reducing swelling that accompanies arthritis, and helping with lung congestion, making it functional as well as beautiful!

The Joy of Cacti

Obviously the common cactus does well in the desert, requiring little water and full sun to grow tall and strong. Not all cacti offer thorns, including the spineless prickly pear that also flowers in the spring, so if you feel like going all out on your desert landscape but worry about arming someone, the non-prickly cacti may be the solution to your gardening dilemma.

Learn How to Irrigate Your Plants Here!

Arizona Plants for Everyone

Every yard, like every home, has its own style and charm and if you haven’t figured out your yard’s secret appeal yet, give us a call today and let New Image Landscape and Pools bring your yard to life!

Is a Splash Pad Right for You?

Even though the calendar may say it is still spring, we seasoned desert veterans just have to step outside to know that summer has arrived. Temperatures are rising over 100 degrees, our deodorant is failing, and the blisters on our hands from holding on to scorching hot steering wheels are adding up! This is the time of year to draw the shades and stay inside—unless you are fortunate enough to have a pool or a splash pad in your own backyard to help keep you cool and happy! A splash pad, you ask? Yes, you read that right! Splash pads are no longer just commercial installments for public pools or to be put in front of theaters; residential ones are allowing Arizona families extend their outside time without adding a major expense to their budgets!

Splash Spad: Perfect for Smaller Yards

As houses are growing bigger, lot sizes are staying the same, which means homeowners just don’t have the large yards that were popular in the past, limiting their options for water fun. Even the smallest pools can be too large for many yards, but with splash pads coming in many sizes and shapes, lot size is not an issue! Offering as few as six nozzles of fun and as many as 16 in a kit, the only limits to the fun you can have is your imagination and budget! The budget can be as low as you want or as high as you need, and because we don’t believe in limitations, if your yard is large enough, you can have both a pool AND a splash pad!

Safety is another issue that may have parents avoiding a pool and looking at splash pads instead. No standing water when turned off allows parents of youngsters to sleep easily at night. There’s no fear of unlocked gates or door alarms that stop working at the wrong times, just happy mornings spent frolicking in the water’s spray until it gets too hot to stay outside for another minute!

Let Us Help

Our favorite part of our job is seeing the happy smiles on our customer’s faces after another job has been successfully completed. Give us a call today and we can discuss all the options for turning that bare backyard of yours into the oasis of your dreams!

A Built-In Barbecue Makes for the Perfect Memorial Day Party Centerpiece

For years you’ve been known as the undisputed King of Backyard Barbecues, and for very good reasons: Your lawn is immaculate, your pool is sparkling, and let’s face it, no one runs the grill with the same panache and skill as you do! Your people skills are obviously sparkling and magnetic, because the entire neighborhood is drawn to your holiday celebrations and special parties like moths to the flame! One thing is missing, though, one thing that can ensure you hold your title for years to come, and with Memorial Day just around the corner, now is the time to consider that built-in barbecue you’ve been dreaming about for so very long!

The Centerpiece for Every Occasion

The barbecue has been the focus for backyard get togethers almost since the day it was first invented, giving food that smoky taste and juicy flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. If you want your Memorial Day celebration in Phoenix to shine, a built-in barbecue is the only way to go! Offering enough space for the king to spread out the ingredients to his super-secret barbecue sauce recipe (apricot jam adds a delicious sweetness to any sauce!) plus cleanup areas and an area for a mini fridge to allow him brain lubrication as he creates, the only limits to what you can add to your centerpiece are your imagination and your wallet.

We’ve created entire outdoor kitchens that came complete with wood fired pizza ovens, charcoal and propane grills, and stainless-steel storage drawers! No need to run in and out of the house to get your supplies; just buy an extra set and store them where they are used the most! A tile or granite bar gives your guests a place to place their drinks as they offer their suggestions to the king of the grill, and if you want to get really fancy while staying cool, adding a gazebo or pergola to block out the sun gives your centerpiece the finishing touch you never knew it was missing.

Not Sure Where to Start Before Your Memorial Day Celebration in Phoenix?

With a built-in barbecue from New Image Landscape and Pools, this year’s Memorial Day celebration is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood, and your reign as king will remain undisputed! It can be overwhelming when you see all the options possible for your built-in barbecue, but our kind and helpful experts can help. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss the ins and outs of bringing your backyard oasis to the next level!

Why You Should Install an Automated Watering System

Whether you have just moved to the desert for the first time in your life or have lived here your entire life and have always dreamed of the kind of yard and garden you see accompanying homes in the eastern US, there’s a lot you will have to consider before getting started. From knowing where the sun hits throughout the day to the hardiness of the plants or grass to the necessity of installing an automated water system, a desert garden has different rules and requirements. New Image Landscape and Pools is here to guide you through the wilderness, so to speak! Today, we’re going to discuss the various reasons as to why installing an automated watering system is important to your successful gardening experience.


It is possible to grow your garden or have a yard full of rich green grass without an automated watering system, but you will need the time and dedication to make it so. Standing around with a hose in your hand for hours at a time every day and/or night may sound like a reasonable prospect in theory, but you work hard, you play hard, and quite frankly, you have much better things to do with your time!

The Science of It All

There’s a lot to know when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of watering; you need to know your soil type, how much water each individual plant needs, and when is the best time for maximum water absorption without burning the delicate structure of what you are growing. There are entire books written on these topics, but when we install an automated watering system for your yard, we’ll do the programming for you; all you need to do is sick back with your favorite beverage and watch your lawn and garden flourish.

No Overwatering or Underwatering with an Automated Watering System

Automated watering systems offer a rainy day “escape clause,” a rain sensor bypass for all zones attached to the system, eliminating soggy yards and water-logged flowers. And because we program the correct specifications, underwatering is never an issue either; we’ve got you and your landscape covered!

Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools is the Smart Choice

Your home is your biggest investment; it’s understandable that you want the outside world to love it as much as you do. And just like a special outfit makes you or your spouse feel attractive, a lush green lawn and colorful flowers do the same for your home. Choosing New Image Landscape and Pools for your landscape needs will ensure it stays attractive for years to come—give us a call today!

Desert Landscaping on a Budget

Being a resident of the Phoenix, Arizona area, you have probably heard various ideas on how to design your front and backyard landscapes on a budget. The desert terrain can be difficult on certain flora and design work. If you are looking for desert landscaping on a budget, you have come to the right place!

Local Flora

Using local plant life is a great way to save some money on your desert landscaping. By choosing flora that are native to the region,you do not have to change the soil where you intend to plant them. You can create a lush look with thick desert plants such as yucca, aloe, agave, and more. Simply stop in your local nursery and see what local plant life they recommend for your desert landscaping.

Plant Cactus

One of the best ways to save money for your desert landscape is by choosing plant life that requires very little water to upkeep. Cacti fit the bill very easily andis native to most desert landscapes. Cacti are also a great centerpiece for any landscape design. You can easily add additional touches to the area based upon the size and type of the cactus you have chosen. Planting a cactus is definitely one of the best ways to do desert landscaping on a budget!

Avoid a Lawn

One of the biggest costs to a yard in Phoenix is going with a grass lawn. Grass frequently requires water and upkeep to stay healthy. Avoid a grass lawn by installing artificial turf or gravel. Turf might be more expensive upfront but lasts on average for 20 years with minimal upkeep. Gravel is a cheap option that can also look great with different designs and patterns installed around your existing plant life.


One easy and cheap way to make your desert landscape look great is by installing appropriate lighting. Simple outdoor lighting can draw attention to your design and artwork in your yard without requiring a significant budget. Solar lights are a great way to provide lighting in hard to reach locations in your yard.

Install Pavers

If you are looking at the perfect patio spot think about installing pavers instead of concrete. You can install pavers on a budget, and it will still look great—even unique! Pavers are available in a variety of colors and sizes,making your yard one-of-a-kind.

Your Landscaping Needs

If you are looking to establish a perfect desert landscape, look no further than New Image. We can design the perfect look in any shape or size of yard and on any budget. Give us a call today and see how we can make your yard look incredible just in time for the summer season.

Getting a Custom Pool? 3 Things to Factor In

Getting a pool built in your backyard will likely be one of the best decisions you have ever made, both for the increase in value that it brings to your home and the increase in time spent with your family that it inevitably provides. Getting a custom pool is the best way to ensure a finished product that you will love. While a custom pool is a good idea for nearly everybody, it is a big investment, so you should do your homework before you make it. The following are three things to keep in mind when getting your Arizona custom pool.

Get a Good Idea of What You Want Your Pool to Look Like

A good pool design team will go a long way in helping you fine-tune the details of your perfect pool. But since you will live with the pool every day, it is important that you are the driving force in this design process. That is why it is so important to do your homework in nailing down the features of your perfect pool. This is as easy as looking at images of various pools and compiling the ones that showcase features that you love. The more detail you can provide your pool design team, the more perfect the finished product will be for you.

Budget Properly for Your Arizona Custom Pool

Building a pool is a complicated process involving many different phases of design and construction. As a result, the finances of it all can be a touch confusing. That is why it is so important to establish a budget for your custom pool and be very upfront about it with your pool builder. This will ensure that there are no surprises along the way.

Consider the Finer Details like Safety and Efficiency

Many people think of a pool as a big hole in the ground, but there are countless features that can make or break a pool. Firstly, for people with small children and animals, you want to ensure your pool is safe. You can do this by adding childproof access to the pool area and alerts for when something or someone enters the water. Energy efficient and eco-friendly design should be another consideration, as it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Solar-powered pool pumps, pool covers for the winter, and chemical-free pool cleaners are all great features for saving money and creating a safe environment.

Pick the Right Team to Help You on this Journey

As with any major investment, the most important thing to do when getting your own Arizona custom pool is to surround yourself with the right people. The right people can be found at New Image Landscape and Pools. We have 35 years of experience doing this work, work tirelessly to make this a good experience for our customers, and quite simply we some of the best work in Arizona. Learn more about how we can make your dreams a reality by calling at (480) 654-4422.

3 Reasons to Choose New Image Landscape for Design Services

Creating the landscape for the exterior of your home requires planning. You want to make sure that the visions you hold for your landscape are actually feasible. The assistance of a reputable landscaping company such as New Image Landscape & Pools is highly recommended to assist with landscape design services in Phoenix and create the landscape that you desire.

Improving Your Landscape Design

If you are interested in improving your existing landscape, it is important to start with what you have. You’ll have to decide what you do and don’t want to keep in terms of the hardscape and softscape features of your exterior property. If you desire to add new features to your landscape, New Image Landscape & Pools will work closely with you to determine which features would best compliment your exterior environment based on such factors as scale, position, and aesthetics. When designing a landscape, it is important that the exterior of your property flows into the interior of your home. There is an extension between the interior and exterior of your home and acknowledging this enables you to design a landscape that compliments your entire home.

State of the Art Imaging

At New Image Landscape & Pools, we use state-of-the-art imaging software to help you design your new landscape. With 3-D modeling software, you get to experience what your landscape will look like prior to the build. This is an excellent way to bring your visions for your landscape to life and still have the option of making changes before the actual construction. The 3D software even allows you to walk through the design of your landscape as well as move around softscape features such as bushes, flowers, and shrubs for alternative views of your landscape.

Valuable Makeover

There is value in investing in the exterior of your home. In many cases, a complete re-design of your landscape has the potential to add great value to your home over time. At New Image Landscape & Pools, we can help guide you in making the best design decisions for your landscape, so you can reap the benefits of increased home value. Our plans are carefully designed with your budget in mind to maximize both the aesthetics and overall value of your home. There’s not doubt that we offer the best landscape design services in phoenix!

The Best Landscape Design Services in Phoenix

If you are interested in re-designing your existing landscape, contact New Image Landscape and Pools. We have over 35 years of experience helping property owners transform the exteriors of their homes. We’ll work closely with you to make both the design and construction process a breeze. For more information about the design services offered by our company, visit us online or contact us directly at 480-654-4422.

What is the Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape?

Creating the perfect landscape for your property requires balance. Having both structural as well as greenery elements is important. Too much or too little of either can make a landscape appear lacking. Knowing the difference between hardscaping and softscaping allows you to better understand the existing design of your landscape and make the necessary changes to make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing.

What is Hardscape?

When it comes to landscaping and design, hardscape is the structural components within a landscape. This includes solid features such as paving, walls, stairs, reflecting pools, and planters. These are usually the features that have to be installed or completed before greenery is added to a landscape. Hardscaping features play an important part in the landscaping process as they usually require digging or physical changes to the existing landscape. More often than not, hardscape features are a main focal point of the landscape. Whether it is an outdoor fireplace or a trellis, hardscape features are often the main pieces that matter when designing a landscape.

What is Softscape?

Softscape is the horticultural details in a landscape. Oftentimes, these details are used to accent an existing landscape. Some examples of softscape include a vine plant that is strategically placed over a trellis, plants that are added to installed planters on the grounds, trees that are planted around the perimeter of a property and installing flower beds throughout a landscape. When incorporating softscaping features into a landscape, it is important to choose greenery that adds aesthetic value. Something as simple as adding some brightly colored flowers to a landscape has the potential to change the exterior appearance of a property significantly.

Using Both for Landscaping

Hardscaping and softscaping are best used together when designing and creating a landscape. Too many hardscape features can make your landscape feel “cold,” while too many softscape features can make your landscape feel like a mini forest with no real sense of functional purpose. Thus, it is important to balance the two. For example, if you install a new stone walkway, the addition of bright-colored flowers or noticeable greenery along the path of the walkway offers a balance between man-made structure and nature. The assistance of a reputable landscaping company is valuable in optimizing the existing hardscape and softscape features of your current landscape.

If you are looking to take your existing landscape to the next level, let New Image Landscape & Pools help you. With over 35 years of experience, we have helped numerous people create the landscapes of their dreams. For more information on the landscaping services available, visit us online or contact us directly at 480-654-4422.

3 Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

A garden is a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing addition to any environment. Gardens are also quite practical in that they provide such conveniences as shade and privacy. When it comes to a garden, establishing privacy is important so you can enjoy your space to the fullest without the concern of prying eyes or interruptions. The following are three ways to make your Mesa garden more private.

Fence It in

Nothing says privacy more than a fence. The way in which you create the fenced barrier is totally up to you. Before investing in a fence for your garden, make sure that you have established your property lines. Regarding privacy, you have the choice of full-privacy or semi-privacy fences. Full privacy fences are made in a manner that eliminates gaps between the panels. The only way someone can see into your garden is by looking over the fence. There is also the option of semi-privacy fences which still offer a certain level of privacy while including the spaces between the panels,so people can see through the fence. These types of fences are available in different sizes and materials to suit your landscape.

Go Green for Privacy

Use the beauty of nature to create privacy for your garden while experiencing a greener, lush landscape. Hedge fences are an excellent way to create privacy with plants. To create the best hedge for privacy needs, choose a plant that grows tall such as boxwood or privet. Other green options for privacy include the use of flowering bushes such as laurels,as they can grow upwards of 8-feet. Planting trees and bushes around an existing fence is also another way to create more privacy for your existing Mesa garden.

Creative Cover for Your Mesa Garden

Try adding creative touches to your garden for more privacy. Hanging drapes or large pieces of fabric around the perimeter of a garden is a creative way to control the level of privacy in your garden. Consider installing a trellis that includes a climbing plant such as ivy. You can even incorporate a vertical garden into your existing landscape by planting tall plants in pots which helps to create a green privacy barrier.

At New Image Landscape and Pools, we can help you create the privacy you desire for your landscape. With over 35 years of landscaping experience, we offer a variety of innovative ideas to help you enjoy your garden to the fullest. For more information on creating your private garden, contact us at 480-654-4422.