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How to Choose Your Pool Sweeper

A pool sweeper is a crucial piece of equipment that will greatly reduce the workload of maintaining the health and safety of your pool. However, pool owners are faced with so many options when looking to invest in a pool sweeper. This can often make the process very daunting and can muddle the prospect of the “right” decision. The good news is that there is no wrong decision in particular, even though certain pool sweepers will better fit the needs of different pools and individuals. Here is a guide to a couple of different types of pool sweepers.

Suction Side Pool Sweeper

This is the simplest type of pool sweeper that will allow you to cut down on cost and maintenance. This sweeper is attached to the suction line of your pool and it uses that suction to propel itself along the floor of your pool. As it moves, it scrubs the floor while sucking up debris and sending it through your pool filtration system. The only drawback of this technology is the fact that it only works when the pool pump is running and it increases the pressure that the filter endures.

Pressure Side Pool Sweeper

These sweepers are very similar to the suction side pool sweepers. They are driven by a pressure line that returns filtered water back to the pool. These sweepers are accompanied by their own filtration system so that it reduces pressure on the pool’s filtration system, but it can also require an additional booster pump. These sweepers are very beneficial in that they are low cost and they are easy to maintain but they also require a running pool pump to operate them.

Robotic Pool Sweeper

This technology can be very beneficial, as it has no reliance on your existing pool equipment. It runs off more efficient power from your home, which reduces the pressure on your pool equipment and overall power required to keep your pool clean. These sweepers have much greater power and can sweep walls and suck debris from the floor to the steps to the waterline. The only drawback of this equipment is you must manually empty the filter. With this better performance, there is of course a much greater upfront cost, but the benefits surely outweigh that initial investment.

There are clearly benefits and drawbacks to each of these sweepers just as anything else in life. Each of these sweepers will keep your pool safe and clean but the key is to pick the one that makes the most sense for you and your pool.