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Choosing a Finish for Your Arizona Pool

While the interior of your pool may not be the first element you think of when designing your Arizona pool, it is an element that can change your whole pool’s fundamental look, bringing it to a new level of luxury and style. There are several types of pool finishes to choose from, including plaster, tile, and aggregate finishes, and each finish offers an array of colors and textures. Whether you are building a new inground pool or doing renovations to your existing pool, here are some of the options for choosing a finish for your Arizona pool.

Plaster Finishes for Your Arizona Pool

Plaster finishes are the oldest and most common type of pool finishes. A simple mix of water, cement, and marble dust or silica sand, the plaster appears white in color which makes your pool water look bright and clear with a light blue tint. Plaster is a popular choice because of its smooth, classic finish.

Plaster can also be mixed with colored pigments or dyes to give your poolscape a more dramatic appearance. The most common colored plaster is medium gray because it gives your pool a blue tint. Darker grays and blacks can give your pool a reflective look for an even more dramatic design. It is often used to make your pool look more natural, like a lake or pond, and your landscape will often be reflected off the surface of your pool.

Plaster finishes typically last 5 to 7 years before there are signs of wear and chipping.

Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate finishes are the newest type of pool finishes and something to consider when choosing a finish for your Arizona pool. They combine white or colored plaster with glass beads, river stones, pieces of quartz, or granite. The finishes can come either exposed or polished. Aggregate finishes are popular because they give your poolscape a refined elegance. Aggregate finishes are also more resilient to chemicals and stains than plaster finishes.

Polished aggregate finish contains crushed pigment, stones, quartz, or granite with a clear finish that helps the stone shine and makes the surface smooth. Because of the added stone and polish, polished aggregate finishes can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years before they show signs of wear.

Exposed aggregate finishes allow the texture of the glass beads and stones to coat the bottom of your pool. With almost an endless amount of textures, blends, and colors, an aggregate finish will give your pool a unique look.

Let Us Help You In Choosing a Finish for Your Arizona Pool

If you are building a new pool or updating your existing pool, our experts can help you pick the perfect finish for your pool. We have been working in the Arizona pool and landscaping industry for more than 30 years. For more information on our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.