Maintenance Manuals for Splash Pads Sold In AZ

One of the hottest new fads in Arizona is the installation of splash pads in your own backyard. Parents of young children prefer the safety of splash pads in comparison with having a pool, and parents of older children just enjoy the fun of “pretending” to avoid the streams of water that splash up from the ground underneath their feet.

Whatever your reason for choosing a splash pad, sometimes you will have to deal with the realization that things can go wrong, usually not at a time that is convenient for you! Issues with the equipment can turn a fun, relaxing weekend into an annoying, irritating, and frustrating time filled with the wails of children who are unhappy they can’t cool down on their splash pad! As the leading installers of splash pads in AZ, the staff here at New Image knows this story all too well. We also know, you can’t always plan for equipment malfunctions to happen during normal business hours, we have added a page to our website that allows you to download instruction manuals and possibly trouble shoot your problems away!

Pentair Products 

We deal primarily in Pentair products, so the manuals and guides you find will be for every Pentair model of your equipment, all of which should be written clearly enough it will be easy for you to understand. A few of the manuals are offered in Spanish, and one comes in French as well, because we understand it’s not only English speakers who suffer from equipment malfunctions on weekends and holidays!

If you are a handy person, you should be able diagnose and fix your problem easily and quickly, but if not, please don’t feel bad about calling us for help! Some problems aren’t easily fixed, and we’re happy to help!

Need Help Fixing Your Splash Pad in Mesa, Chandler, or Gilbert AZ? 

Please take advantage of the information we provided in the manuals and guides, and if you still have a problem, give us a call. Our experts have worked years of experience repairing splash pads in AZ!

WhisperFlo Owner’s Manual English, Spanish Pentair 776.3 kb PDF
Clean & Clear Owner’s Manual English Pentair 360.8 kb PDF
Clean & Clear Plus Owner’s Manual English Pentair 315 kb PDF
Clean & Clear RP Cartridge Filter Owners Manual English Pentair 416.7 kb PDF
Sand Filter Installation and User’s Guide English, Spanish, French Pentair 838.7 kb PDF

Rain Deck Warranty

Rain Deck Product Feature Color Chart

Splash Pad User Guide / Winterization & Spring-Start-Up