Create a New Look for Your Yard in 2020

New year, new decade, new Arizona yard? As 2020 begins, you may find yourself wanting everything in your life to be as shiny and new as the year, and yes, that includes the landscape of your old backyard! The weather in these early months makes it easy to get out there and work, so follow these tips we’ve provided, and in a short time, that “wasteland” of broken toys and patchy grass can be reimagined into an oasis that you’ll never want to leave. The outlook on 2020 is a positive one, and we at New Image Landscape and Pools can’t wait to be a part of that future!

Patio Furnishings

If you still have the old fold-up lawn chairs or rusting steel ones you inherited from your grandparents, we only have one question for you. Why? Your backyard should be a place for rest, relaxation, and comfort, and broken chairs that are hard and uncomfortable are definitely not conducive to anything good! Patio furnishings come in a range of styles and costs, making it affordable for any budget. 2020 deserves a little extra sparkle and style, don’t you think?

Secret Gardens Are Enchanting

Be the envy of the neighborhood in 2020 with a secret garden that includes gravel paths, solar lighting, and private sitting areas designed for quiet contemplation and secrets shared with the special people in your life. And because water is a precious resource, all the flowers and trees can be drought resistant, lowering the amount of water you use in their care!

Outdoor Kitchens for Your Arizona Yard

Outdoor kitchens are the latest rage, especially when you live in a place where you can spend a good deal of your time outside. Featuring everything from mini fridges to propane grills to a pizza oven, your indoor/outdoor lifestyle will be raised to the next level when you decide to add this luxury item to your backyard oasis!

Time for a Pool?

If you have survived at least one summer in the desert without a pool, you’ve survived one summer too many, and NOW is the time to ensure you don’t have to suffer without again! On average, it takes between two to four months to build a pool from start to finish, and if you’re good with math, you’ll see that brings you right up to the beginning of the hot days!

Make Your 2020 Shine

Give us a call today and let’s work together to turn your boring Arizona yard into a magical oasis of peace and tranquility!