Beautifully landscaped backyard with crystal clear pool water by New Image, finest of Mesa's landscaping companies

Creating Your Backyard Paradise

For over 35 years, we at New Image Landscape and Pools have been helping people turn their yards into outdoor paradises. Bringing the highest degree of attention to detail and professionalism to our work is what gives us and our customers joy. Entering into this journey with us will be fulfilling and far more painless than you can imagine. Let us make your landscape dreams come true as nobody else in the business can.

What is Your Paradise?

What makes this business so exciting for us is that the ideal landscape is different for just about everyone. What will make you comfortable? What features and overall design will bring you joy every time you set foot outside of your home?

As we live in Phoenix, the foundation of this paradise is often a beautiful pool. But what about the surroundings? We provide the widest variety in additional designs, from rock and water features to beautiful paver decks featuring endless material options—everything from flagstone to fine tiling. These great features can be brought together by beautiful grass lawns, flower displays, endless graveling options, trees, foliage, patios, built-in grills and so much more.

The beauty of the service that we provide is it is completely dictated by you and what you will love. The only limitation in your landscape is not in our ability to make it happen, but in your imagination. Dream big—we will take care of the rest!

How New Image Landscape and Pools Will Make Your Dream a Reality

Once we have a layout and design that you are happy with, you can be sure that it will be implemented with incredible swiftness and precision. Working with you to fine tune the perfect design for you and your family is a huge part of the process that we pride ourselves on. It is in this phase of the project that we set ourselves apart from the competition. Using our 3D design and imaging tool, you have the luxury of seeing what your landscape will look like before we even break ground. Being able to try countless different designs and actually seeing the fruits of those designs is one of the most valuable services that we bring.

When it is all said and done, you will have the landscape of your dreams. It is sure to be a far more painless and affordable experience than you now anticipate it to be. With over 35 years of expertise and service, we can guarantee you the paradise you have always dreamed of—call us today!