Custom Concrete Landscaping

Make your yard stand out with concrete landscaping options

Landscape design is about more than foliage, grills, and pools. A truly great landscape design will incorporate all mentioned, but will also involve the judicious use of concrete. A patio table is best placed on a hard surface such as bricks and flagstone, but both can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re working on creating your own backyard paradise, why not take a look at the options we have listed below? Chances are you will be surprised at the different options and the beauty custom concrete landscaping can bring to your design.


First of all, your patio doesn’t have to be rectangular. Why not create a gently curving area that adds style and grace to an area that could be considered boring and dull? Concrete landscaping borders can create a unique “frame” to the edge of your patio and can be stained a contrasting color for an extra boost. Stamped landscaping concrete also mimics the look of brick and other natural stone without the steep price; you can even design your patio to look like a rug with different stains and etchings.


Concrete landscape planters can add a modern edge to the exterior of your house with their streamlined edges and shapes. Midcentury modern homes look especially nice with a series of concrete planters, filled with fauna of all shapes and colors, contrasting with the sleek simplicity of the house. For hilly backyards, a terrace effect can be created with curved concrete walls holding in the dirt and plants at each level. Stamped, stained, or plain landscaping concrete can be used to create steps up to the different levels.

Benches & Fire Pits

Benches made of warm redwood contrasting against cool grey concrete can be softened up with the judicious placement of pillows and throws. Create a concrete fire pit to place in front of the benches and you have a sitting area perfect for cool nights with friends and family.

Driveways & Walkways

Everyone has bland and boring concrete driveways, but a driveway stained and stamped in cobblestone or brick effect offers an elegant and welcoming look to your home’s exterior. Add a cobbled walkway path to your front door and the luxurious look is complete – at a fraction of the price!

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