Custom Outdoor Pool Lighting

The very best accent outdoor pool lighting we've ever had the experience to view up close.

Advances in outdoor pool lighting means you can have the fantasy pool of your dreams with a minimum of expense and/or effort. No longer are you limited to the single LED pool light in bright white stuck in the wall of the deep end of your pool; today, you can have edge lighting, up lighting, fire, and even lighting in multiple colors! Keep it red, or let it shift from color to color, creating a rainbow of beauty in your backyard. As with most other pool accessories, the only limit is the limits of your own imagination!

Why Do You Need Pool Lighting?

Nighttime swims are a luxury non-pool owners will never understand, but there is something quiet, serene, and entirely wonderful about swimming in the darkness, feeling the cool waters chill your overheated skin, with the reflection of the lights breaking against the sky. Yes, you CAN swim at night without lights, and if you live in a crowded neighborhood, sometimes it’s not altogether wise to have lights on, but in most cases, it is nice to be able to see where you swim and to be able to avoid bumping into the walls of the pool or tripping over dark stairs when entering or leaving. A good LED pool light system also eliminates the fear of your pets falling blindly into a dark pool on nights when the moon is gone and the cloud cover is deep. A custom Exterior accent lighting system can add value to your home, as it adds beauty to your landscape, and the choices are limitless!

What Types of Outdoor Pool Lighting Are Available?

Look out into your backyard at night. Chances are you have just the one bright LED pool light—pretty, but boring. Now close your eyes and picture your pool glowing bright, with lighting around the edges creating an otherworldly picture, the waters changing from red to blue to green to purple and back again. Perhaps you could add a few firepots to the corners, creating a fiery romance to your tropical décor. Now open your eyes. Which scene do you prefer? Yeah, we thought so! This is just one example of what you can do to create the pool lighting scenario of your dreams.

Let New Image Landscape and Pools Help With Your New Outdoor Pool Lighting!

Schedule a consultation with us today and let New Image Landscape and Pools bring light to the dark. Outdoor pool lighting goes a long way to creating the resort atmosphere you experienced on your last vacation!