Scottsdale Arizona pool algae

Dealing with Algae: How to get Rid of Algae

As important as algae is to our ecosystems, you really don’t want it in your pool! These microorganisms make a pool look nasty—in small amounts they make a swimmer feel uncomfortable and slimy, while in large amounts they can lead to more harmful bacteria growing in pools. If your pool has algae, you need to deal with it!

What Kind of Algae Is it?

If you imagine algae as a green cloud in the water, you’re not wrong—but it comes in other forms too. This algae—called simply “green algae”—is the easiest to get rid of, which makes it nice that it’s the most common!

Yellow and black algae also exist, though they are less common. Yellow algae looks like mustard stains in a pool and grows in spots of the pool that don’t get much sun. Black algae is the most problematic of all pool algae—it takes the form of dark spots throughout a pool, and sets in roots that reach into the plaster or grout.

What Do You Need?

One of the most common ways of addressing green algae is with shock. If your pool water is light green, you’ll need to add double the shock to your pool—this amounts to 2 pounds of shock per 10,000 gallons, with more shock the darker green the pool. Remember to shock at night! Also, if you have an automatic chlorinator, do not pour shock through the skimmer—an ingredient in shock and a certain ingredient in most chlorine can great an explosive gas!

Another method for green algae is called “Flocing:” it requires an underwater vacuum and a chemical called “Flocculant.” Add the floc to your pool and circulate the water, following directions according to your chosen floc. The floc dissolves the algae, which settles on the bottom—then you vacuum it up. It’s hard work, but the results are quicker than shocking.

Yellow algae is dealt with similarly, but involves vacuuming whatever you can out of the pool first, then brushing the sides, and finally shocking at a higher dosage. Black algae is the same, except that the brush needs to be stronger and you skip the vacuuming. Black algae also may require especially strong chemicals. Always remember to clean out your filter and disinfect swimsuits if you discover algae!

Algae Solutions from New Image Landscape and Pools

If your algae is becoming a recurring problem, talk to us at New Image to find a longer-term solution! We can upgrade your pool equipment and even add automated features so that you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning. With our help, you’ll have a sparkling pool all year around with barely having to lift a finger!

Or if perhaps pool care has just become too much of a hassle, ask us about what you can do with the space instead. From pagodas to grilling stations, we’ve got all sorts of tricks up our sleeves to transform that pool space into something beautiful and low-maintenance!

Pool upgrades, pool replacement, we do it all! Call us at 480-654-4422 and we can start weighing your options!