Plant apples and other Arizona fruits in your back yard

Desert Fruit Tree Guide

If you have ever stepped out on your patio on a quietly cool evening during the winter months and caught a whiff of the most fragrant of blooms, chances are it is a fruit blossom you have smelled. Offering an aromatic treat for your senses, the winter months are also the months in which your neighbors can be seen dropping off large bags of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons, and the scent of their blooms will make you feel as if all is right in the world. On the off chance you don’t have a neighborhood full of friendly sorts ready to share their natural treasures, or supposing that your backyard isn’t full of trees heavy with fruit, this guide to desert fruit trees will help you decide which flavor of Arizona fruits you want in your own oasis!

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Mimosas Made With Arizona Fruits for Breakfast

Whether you doctor up your juice with a healthy dose of champagne or stick with the virgin version, using fresh squeezed oranges picked from your tree will ensure that you never drink juice any other way! Orange trees are popular here in Arizona, growing well in our desert climate, especially if planted in areas that are safe from wind and power lines. Preferring full sun and requiring care during the rare frost season, soil that drains well is also important to the health and wellbeing of your tree filled with Vitamin C. Blood oranges, tangelos, and tangerines also do well in the desert, so plant an orchard if you like!

Making Lemonade

As you might expect, oranges aren’t the only citrus trees that will thrive in your backyard. Offering a tart deliciousness to your homemade lemonade and loving desert life, Arizona lemons often grow much larger than the standard grapefruit, ensuring that as long as they are in season, your tea will always have lemon slices and your lemonade will spoil you against all other beverages! Meyer lemons are the exception to the size rule, however, producing smaller, rounder lemons that have a unique taste you will love. Requiring the same soil, sun, and watering schedule as oranges, the lemon tree is guaranteed to brighten up your yard.

You’re Not in Georgia Anymore

Although peaches are primarily considered a fruit tree that only thrives in the state of Georgia, you may be surprised that they do especially well right here in your Phoenix hometown! Now is the perfect time to plant a bare root peach tree, surviving best when planted in January, but container plants do best when planted in the fall or spring. Offering a large selection of varieties that love the desert as much as you do, harvesting peaches is best done between the months of April and August, depending on which variety you choose to plant.

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Keep the Doctor Away

During these troubled times, we are all looking to stay away from the doctor as much as possible, and traditionally, an apple a day does the trick! You can have as many apples as your stomach can handle, however, when you plant an apple tree in your yard, but only two varieties will do well in the Phoenix area. We are in the hottest of zones, which means that if you want your tree to thrive, the Dorsett golden apple tree and the Anna apple tree are your best options. Ensure that the soil has the proper pH balance and that your tree faces north or east so it can get as much sun as proper, and your grandma’s apple pie will be cooling on your windowsill before you know it!

What Is Plum Pudding?

Ironically, the traditional dessert known as plum pudding has never had any plums in it, but if you have a liking for plums in all their forms, the plum tree will blossom in your yard! Just as with peaches, the best time to plant container trees is in the fall and spring, but if you are using the bare root, January is the perfect time to do so! There are five different types of plums that will survive in the desert, giving you plenty of options, and they can be harvested between the months of May and June. It is important to water them frequently while they are establishing roots, but the schedule can be lessened after they are firmly rooted.

Pomegranates for the Win

Pomegranates are absolutely one of our favorite fruits, and they are also ones that thrive in the dry heat of the desert! Plant them in the spring or fall and harvest them anytime from October to December and the last two months of the year will be filled with an unending supply of pomegranate margaritas. Preferring full sun and a light layer of compost in the spring, the colorful and sweet fruit promises to become your greatest obsession!

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You deserve your own oasis in the desert. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your personal fruit tree orchard!