Pool Covers: Do You Really Need One?


Anyone who has owned a pool for any length of time can tell you that the list of accessories designed for pools that seems to grow exponentially longer every day, and each item, no matter how big or how tiny, claims that it is the solution to all your pool care troubles! It can be confusing and expensive navigating the “waters of pool ownership” alone, but fortunately for you, you don’t have to! You have New Image Landscape and Pools on your side, and our staff Arizona pool builders and experts is here to help you decide what you may or may not need for your backyard oasis! Do you REALLY need a pool cover for your pool in AZ?

Safety Pool Covers

These useful accessories do exactly what their name implies: They help keep your pool safe and secure for pets, children, and incapacitated adults that may not be familiar with your backyard or aware that a pool is there—especially at night. Safety pool covers come in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from rollaway sets on tracks that are made of canvas to nets that can be secured to the pool deck and have the ability to support up to hundreds of pounds in weight. Either of these types can be helpful in protecting your children and pets from accidental drowning when a pool fence is not available, and homeowners in many counties are subject to laws that require Arizona pools have either a fence or a safety cover.

Solar Pool Covers

This type of pool cover is a fairly inexpensive accessory to add to your pool. Solar covers can help cut heating costs in half, if you have a heater for your pool, and allow you to continue swimming long into the winter (or earlier in the year) after your neighbors have been forced to stop. When using a solar cover, however, it is important that you follow the directions included with your purchase, or it may not work.

You also need to make sure the cover fits over the entire length of the pool; buy one that is at least a foot or two larger. When removing the solar cover from the box, it can be helpful if you spread it across the pool, bubbles side down, and let it sit for a full 24 hours so that weight of the cover and heat of sun can help it relax and expand to fit the length of your pool. You can then trim any excess using box cutters or scissors. When not in use, try to fold it neatly and store in a cool, dark place to prolong its use.

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Both types of covers can be useful features for your backyard paradise. Schedule a consultation with a trusted AZ pool company today and discover what else can be helpful to you on your journey as a pool owner!