Everything You Need to Know About Splash Pad Installation

As summer in the desert grows nearer (and many would say it has already arrived!), we start looking for ways to stay cool in the scorching heat. The most popular choice is, of course, a pool, but as sweet as it sounds, along with a pool comes great responsibility; maintenance and upkeep just aren’t a viable option to many of our local homeowners, and those with young children often worry about the safety issues.

Fortunately, there are other options out there, and residential splash pads are becoming the latest craze. No more loading up the kids and heading to the local mall or park just to let them jump around in little jets of water that squirt out of the ground. With a splash pad, all you need to do is open the back door and let the water fun commence! Here’s the details on how you can get your own private splash pad installed.

How Much Space is Needed?

A splash pad can be as small and simple as you like or as large and complicated as you would love! A 9-foot circle with six nozzles can fit into the corner of a small yard, and bigger yards have an innumerable amount of options! Choosing the right one for your family is easy and problem free as long as you know the size of the yard you are working with.

Are Splash Pads Safe for Young Children?

As with any water installation, it is important to watch your children around them, but because there will be little to no standing water with a splash pad, they are far safer than one of those plastic pools you probably bought for your children last year!

What Type of Surface Works Best with a Splash Pad?

Concrete with a brushed safety surface is the most common, but there are many surface options available to residential customers that are both colorful and safe. We can help you choose the material that fits into your budget and safety needs.

Can I Install It Myself?

For a small and simple splash pad, it is possible to install it yourself, but in the case of the safety surfaces and the more intricate splash pads, it’s always best to hire a professional. Your children will be playing in this for hours a day and their safety is of utmost importance. If you’re still unsure, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. We can help you determine which splash pad will work best in your backyard!