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Five Outdoor Lighting Tips

We tend to pay a lot of attention to the indoor décor of our houses. The furnishings, accessories, and even lighting has to be just so; we’d be ashamed to let people see if the inside of our house was less than perfect in appearance. But the exterior? Aside from the paint on the house, the green lawn, and a few strategically placed lawn ornaments, we really don’t go all out to ensure that the exterior is as perfect as the interior, especially when it comes to lighting. The street lamp that may or may not be near your house and the porch light is about all we have, and while you may think it is enough, it probably isn’t as wonderful as it could be, don’t you think?

Did You Know?

You’ve probably realized that there is more than just one type of exterior lighting, but were you aware that there are four different types? Most yards won’t need all four, but if your yard is on the large side, with decks and steps, chances are you will want to have all four.

Your first step, before buying the lights, is to assess just what you may need. Do you have a long sidewalk leading to the front door? Do you have beautiful trees and statuary that you would like to draw attention to, even at night? Are there large sections of dark and gloomy spots near the front door, back door or along the windows? And finally, do you have a steps leading up to a deck? Each of these areas have their own types of lighting, designed to accentuate and illuminate for safety, security, and beauty. Keep reading for a more in depth description of the four types of exterior lights: pathway, spot & accent, flood & well, and deck & brick lights.

Pathway Lighting

Today’s pathway lights tend to be solar and decoratively frame sidewalks or garden paths. Generally, they come with long spikes that you push into the ground, with the lights positioned about a foot to 18 inches off the ground.

Spot & Accent Lights

Spot & accent lights are placed in front of trees, bushes, or other landscape components that are beautiful enough that you wouldn’t want to miss seeing them just because it’s too dark. Nothing pleases us more than to drive up at night and be able to enjoy the same view we get in the day time, just with a romantic glow that comes along with the proper lighting.

Flood & Well Lights

Flood & well lights are designed to light up large areas. Burglars will skip the well-lit yard and head towards the dark and gloomy one where there is less of a chance of being spotted. Even the smallest of yards should contain this type of lighting, as they are vitally important to the safety and security of your home and its precious cargo: your family.

Deck & Brick Lights

Finally, deck & brick lights are placed under steps and along the edges of decks for the safety and security of guests walking on these areas at night. Nothing ruins a party more than a broken ankle from someone falling down steps they didn’t realize were there.

New Image Landscape and Pools

Now that you’ve determined where you need lights and what type of lights should be there, you get creative. The variety of lights available are wide and vast, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Schedule a consultation with our great staff at New Image Landscape and Pools and let us help guide you along the path to a gorgeous and well-planned exterior.