Five Ways to Use Less Water in Your Pool

Living in the desert, there are a few “golden rules” we must live by: Stay indoors as much as possible in the summer, wear oven mitts when touching anything metal in a car that has been parked in the sun, sunscreen with an SPF of a million is a necessity for fair skinned people, and water is an important commodity, use it sparingly! We have learned not to leave the water running while brushing our teeth, to water the grass in the morning or late at night to avoid evaporation, and to plant desert plants that require less water overall. But what do we do about that concrete hole in the backyard that contains thousands of gallons of water? Is there any way to use less water in our pools? We’re glad you asked, and for the answer to that very important question, continue reading to discover five ways to conserve water when you have a pool.

Invest in a Cartridge Filter to Conserve Water

Backwashing, cleaning the debris in your filters by flushing the pool water through the filter and out a hose, lowers the water levels in your pool, causing you to have to refill it. Investing in a cartridge filter eliminates the need for backwashing.

Use an Auto-Leveler Instead of Running a Hose from the House to the Pool

Evaporation happens, and to keep water levels even, many people simply run a hose into the pool. The problem with this method is we are busy humans who easily get distracted and forget to turn off the hose, overfilling the pool and wasting money. Using an auto-leveler removes the human element and keeps the pool water level—automatically!

Remain Vigilant

Life happens when we are looking the other way, and pool leaks can occur during the worst times (Is there any good time for a pool leak?). Be on the lookout for wet areas around the pool that could indicate a leak and immediately contact a pool repairman to fix the leaks when found.

Keep the Cannonballs to a Minimum

We are only partly jesting here, but anything that lowers the water levels of the pool can add to your water usage.

Use Foliage to Shade the Pool

This method can backfire on you, if you’re not careful to plant foliage with minimum root systems and/or plants with minimal foliage loss. When using the right plants, the shade can help diminish evaporation.

There’s Plenty to Consider When Owning a Pool

It can be a bit overwhelming to a person who has never before owned a pool. Schedule an appointment with us today and we can help guide you through the pool maintenance process.