Floriculture Services

AZ plants and flowers add beauty to your yard


Arrangements of flowers have the ability to take the aesthetic appeal of any landscape to the next level. Arizona desert flowers can serve to offer beautiful accentuation of many features that can be found throughout numerous landscapes. You can line walkways with them for a tranquil and inviting energy, gather them outside the kitchen window, or you can simply create a separate area that will act as a flower garden. They are a wonderful addition to vegetable gardens and to desert landscapes alike. It is the versatility and incredible beauty of AZ plants and flowers that has prompted the experts at New Image Landscape and Pools to create a team that specializes in floriculture. It is with this team that you will receive the best advice and help in your next floral project.

Design, Planting & More

If you have any experience in the matter, you know that planting and caring for any type of vegetation is an intricate process that comes with its own challenges and learning curves. That is why it would be such a benefit to you to employ the help of the experts at New Image to make your flower haven. First of all, they will be astute observers of your existing landscape and can offer a unique vision of how desert flowers can enhance the area that is available. When you and the team reach a decision in tandem, the work begins.

The floriculture team will take care of everything from clearing land, supplying fertile soil, grading and tilling the soil, planting the desert flowers, and setting up water and fertilizing schedules. The attention to detail that governs the process from start to finish ensures that you will have the most beautiful, healthy, and sustainable flower arrangement that you could ever imagine. The work done by this team is so thorough that you will even be given a warranty for your new Arizona desert flowers.

Professional Experience

Whether you are looking to put in dozens of AZ plants and flowers throughout your entire yard, or you are looking to do a very small project to brighten your front door, you stand to benefit greatly from the help of New Image. With over 35 years of experience, the floriculture team at New Image Landscape and Pools offers you a vast compilation of floral knowledge, while still allowing you to tailor a project to your very own tastes. Call the experts today and see how you can turn your yard into your very own paradise.

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