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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Although it may already feel like spring out there, the nights still get cold enough to allow for the fact that we are still deep in the heart of winter. Daytime temps in the 70s will bring bragging rights followed by jealousy from our eastern friends and family, and the urge to spend as much time outside as possible before the dog days of summer arrive make this the perfect time to start getting your lawn ready for spring! So, pull out your shorts and gardening shoes, grab a hat and some gloves, and let’s get out there and enjoy the weather—um, we mean, start preparing your lawn for spring!

Three Types of Arizona Gardeners

First, to begin getting your lawn ready for spring we need to determine which of the three types of lawn owners you are: one who over seeds with winter rye, one who lets their lawn go dormant, or one who has decided that a true desert landscape is the ONLY way to landscape the area around your house! For the latter type, you can close your laptop right now, pour yourself a drink, and head out to the patio with a good book; this article isn’t for you! Everyone else, keep reading. You will have plenty of time for a drink in just a few short hours!

For Over Seeded Lawns

This is the time of year that you may notice a change in your lush and green winter rye. With the warmer temps, the rye is starting to die out. Start by lowering the blade on your mower in increments, cutting more of the winter rye and leaving room for the heat and sun to get to your dormant lawn. Aerating can help with the process, but its important you don’t do it too soon; waiting until May is the best time. Next, you will want to reduce your watering time for about a week. Don’t stop watering, though, as your summer lawn still needs the moisture. As your rye is dying out, this is when you should consider fertilizer, being sure to use one that contains a high amount of ammonium sulfate, which will help weaken your rye while ensuring your summer lawn comes in green and beautiful.

Lawns That Have Gone Dormant

Want to know a secret? For those who have taken the winter off and just let their lawn go dormant, your spring lawn prep is almost as easy as those with desert landscape! Simply rake away the dead grass, wait until the nighttime temperatures reach at least 65 degrees for five nights in a row, and increase your watering time to 15-20 minutes per session. You can fertilize your grass now with a turf fertilizer, and when it starts growing in, start using an iron rich fertilizer to deepen the green. You’re done! Wasn’t that easy?

Final Step

This is also the time when you may start thinking about adding some hardscape, flowers, or even a pool after your spring lawn prep. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us to discuss your lawn options!