Pool Services in Gilbert AZ: Pool Remodeling

The results of our pool service gilbert azThere comes a time in every pool owner’s life when they need to face facts: The oasis that looked so wonderful for the last 20 years or so has finally succumbed to the ravages of time. Rebar is sticking through the plaster floors, tiles have begun to fall off the walls, the motors and pumps have stopped doing their jobs, and even the cool decking that surrounds the pool has started to crack, peel, and crumble.

The good news is that as technology improves, so do the improvements offered for pool remodeling. The even better news is that New Image Landscape and Pools offers quality pool remodeling services for your Gilbert pool! Our landscapers in gilbert AZ expertise and over 30 years of experience in the pool and landscape business is just the thing needed to breathe new life into your tired backyard while sticking to a budget that won’t cause you sticker shock.

Trust Us to Make Your Pool Handsome and Healthy Again With Our Pool Maintenance Gilbert AZ

If you were around when your existing pool was installed, you probably have nightmare memories of the hassles involved. Fortunately, although remodeling can be as extensive a proposition as a new build, working with builders you trust will make the process run smoothly, and our pool maintenance Gilbert AZ experts at New Image Landscape and Pools are the best in the business. We can make your pool and landscaping look better than it ever has before, making you the envy of your Gilbert neighborhood. Take a look at some of the pool remodeling services we offer; maybe you don’t need a complete overhaul, but your pool could use some select accessories we have listed below in its pool maintenance gilbert az.

Our Landscapers in Gilbert AZ Will Make Your Pool Look Good

Resurfacing – When you notice rust-like stains on the bottom of the pool, it’s rebar starting to make its way through the plaster. Resurfacing can give you the look of a new pool without the expense.
Automating Pool/Spa – New technology can make maintenance easy and reduce utility costs.
Improved Pool Equipment – Helps keep your pool sparkling and clear, and also reduces utility costs.
Pool Maintenance Services – Because you are busy enough as it is!
Adding Solar Energy – Reduce utility costs and extend your Arizona swimming season
Sprucing Up the Lighting – White lights are so last millennium; our colorful LED lights will make your pool shine!
New Tile– The choices available today will surprise you. Have you considered mosaic tile glass instead of boring porcelain tiles? This will add a touch of glitz to your basic pool remodel.
Maintaining Filters and Pumps – Properly maintained filters and pumps helps keep your pool in tip top shape.
Improving Decks and Patios – Again, today’s choices can be surprising!
Installing Pavers like Flagstone or Tile – Installing a path through your garden or to your pool creates depth and interest.
Maintaining Plumbing, Electric and Gas – Also helps reduce utility costs.
Upgrade to Salt Water – Salt water systems produce the purest forms of chlorine without oils or smells.
Consider Adding a Waterfall – Adding a touch of tranquility to your backyard experience while also lowering the temperature of the water in the summer.

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Your home in Gilbert has been a haven to you for years; remodeling your pool with us and our landscapers in gilbert AZ is the best way to show your appreciation! Contact us to request Gilbert landscaping services today!