Gold Landscape Package


The Gold Landscape & Barbecue Package

Sometimes you want to spend a little less, but you still want the same lush landscaping the Platinum Package offers. This is where the Gold Landscape & Barbecue Package comes into play! Maybe you don’t need an extension of your irrigation system in the front yard, maybe your yard is smaller than some, yet still larger than most, or maybe you just don’t have the funds to go all out right now. Your reasoning doesn’t matter; all that matters is your backyard oasis will be stunning and tranquil when you invest in our deals on landscaping!

Hard to Believe that All This is Included!

Even though the cost is considerably less, we include so much more than you could have dreamed in the Gold Landscape & Barbecue Package—starting with the exact same propane grill we offer in the Platinum Package! Built into an 8-block stucco platform and topped with travertine tiles, your summer parties will be enhanced by the delicious meals prepared on this high-end grill.

The synthetic grass isn’t included in the cost of the Gold Package, so if your yard is smaller, the 15 tons of landscape rocks and 5 landscape boulders will be plenty to finish off your Arizona landscape needs. We’ve also included 10 1-gallon plants, 15 5-gallon plants, 2 15-gallon plants or trees, and 2 24-inch box trees, all with drip irrigation, to make sure your backyard becomes the lush tropical oasis you’ve always wanted. You can also substitute 2 7-gallon pygmy palms for the 2 15-gallon plants, or 2 15-gallon Jumbo Pygmy Palms for the 24-inch boxes.

More than 30 Years of Experience

Landscaping in the desert can be a tough thing to do. Who knows what plants can survive the 100 degrees plus temperatures of a Phoenix summer, or the 30 degree temperatures of a winter desert night? New Image Landscape and Pools knows, and we’d love to share our experience with you!

Our Gold Landscape Package comes with all the things listed above AND the knowledge our Arizona landscapers gained from working in the desert all these years! As king or queen of your castle, you deserve a home that is tranquil, peaceful, and luxurious inside and out, and we can help! Schedule an appointment with us today and discover how beautiful your Arizona landscape can be when you invest in our Gold Landscape and Barbecue Package today!