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Heat-Resistant Plants to Add Green to Your Yard

There are a few things you have to be prepared for when you move to the desert: one, it gets HOT in the summer; two, the sun is far brighter than it was in your midwestern home town; and three, plants will die if you do not choose the right ones. Nothing is worse than purchasing a bunch of plants in the spring, only to watch them die slow and painful deaths as the summer months progress, and we at New Image Landscape and Pools want to save your plants! This guide to heat-resistant plants that will add color to your yard while giving the environment an extra helping of oxygen will ensure that you will make it to fall with a yard that is green, healthy, and the envy of your neighborhood!

Natal Plum

This rich green evergreen plant is surprisingly hearty due to its South African roots and adds a touch of elegance to your desert landscape. Offering cheerful white blooms in the spring through the fall, it can grow up to 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, creating a beautiful contrast to your stuccoed home when planted in the bare space beneath your windows. These Arizona plants need to be watered at least once a week, and during the summer months should be watered deeper. When watered correctly, it will do wonderful in full sun.

New Gold Lantana

Environmentalists have been warning us for years about the importance of butterflies and honey bees and how their demise is causing the Earth to meet an untimely end, so having this cheerful golden plant in your yard is a great way to help! Attracting butterflies, the bright gold flowers offer a happy contrast to its dark green leaves, and its fast rate of growth allows homeowners to enjoy a verdant landscape within a short time. Doing well in full sun and needing very little water, this plant is often used as ground cover but can be used as low shrubs as well. The new gold lantana plant blooms in the spring and summer and adapts wonderfully to a desert landscape!


If you have lived in the valley for more than a few minutes, chances are you have seen (and felt!) this hearty South American plant more than a few times. Offering dark green leaves, bright fuchsia blooms, and long thorns that offer quite a bite when you accidentally back into them, the bougainvillea offers a dramatic beauty that stands up well to the desert heat and actually blooms more when it receives LESS water. Watering it deeply every three to four weeks will help it live a long and healthy life, and although it is quite common in desert yards, if you have a pool, you might want to avoid this plant, as the delicate blooms can clog up the filters!

Ficus Trees

This next plant is actually a tree that thrives in the desert heat as it provides a thick shade that is definitely enjoyed on summer days. The Ficus tree does not lose its leaves, and because their root systems go straight down instead of spreading out and up, they are often planted near pools. The only downside to this heat loving greenery is that it does not do as well in the cold and can suffer damage during frost seasons, so plant in protected areas if possible.


This plant is a popular one, growing wild easily in the desert; you have probably seen it planted in your neighbor’s yard without knowing what it was! The seeds and oil of the jojoba plant was often prized for their medicinal value in the past, and their ease of care makes them prized by today’s homeowners as well. Needing no fertilizer and very little water, they self-pollenate and can survive for over 100 years, doing best when planted in full sun!

Texas Ranger (Sage)

The Texas Ranger is known for its slightly fuzzy silvery green leaves, its bright purple blooms, and its hardiness that allows it to thrive in triple digit temperatures. If you walk by this fragrant bush when it is full bloom, you may also notice it buzzes, but that isn’t due to any electronics in the area; the Texas Ranger attracts honey bees, making it yet another environmentally important plant that will add beauty to your yard without needing a lot of water to keep it healthy!

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