Heated Pools

Luxurious lit pool with fire features by New Image, finest of Mesa's landscaping companies

One luxury you may not have considered adding to your pool is something that may very well end up being your favorite piece of pool equipment: a pool heater. Yes, we do live in the desert with a swimming season that can last upwards of six months, but wouldn’t it be nice to extend that time by at least a third? Cool nights spent treading warm waters while discussing your day’s problems with your life partner can be beneficial in lowering stress and blood pressure levels. The elderly and the very young can also benefit from the warmth of heated pools, as arthritis symptoms can be relieved and respiratory issues are less likely to occur.

Not as Expensive as You Might Think

After the initial output, the costs of running a heater do not add that much to your bill, especially if you use energy efficient equipment and invest in a pool cover to help keep the heat in. When you set up an appointment with New Image Landscape and Pools, we can discuss the specifics with you in more detail, and we think you will be quite happy with the cost comparisons.

Being able to swim whenever you like saves you money, too. You won’t feel the need to vacation at costly resorts just so you can swim during the winter! Arizonan’s are lucky in that we already have a longer swimming season than most, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to swim year-round? Desert winters can get cold, but a heated pool can help keep the chill away!

Award Winning Service

If you’re considering the benefits of adding a heater to your existing pool or are preparing to build a new heated pool, why not give us a call and discover what our award-winning service can mean to you?