How to Add Vertical Appeal to Your Yard

There once was a time when the goal of every homeowner was to have a yard that looked like every other yard on the block. Standing out in a sea of sameness was not a desired attribute, and the neighbor with the different yard would be judged appropriately. Today, however, different is better, and when you want your yard to stand out in that sea, perhaps you should look up for a change. And no, we don’t mean up to the sky; we mean by adding a touch of vertical appeal, a change that challenges the uniformity of most Arizona landscapes. If you’re still unsure as to what we mean, this guide to adding vertical appeal to your personal oasis should clear things up!

Vertical Gardens

The most literal translation of vertical appeal would be adding a vertical landscape to your yard! Hang pots from the patio wall from the ground to just under the eaves or build a wall out of leftover wood (a good use for any extra pallets you may have lying around) and tuck an array of greenery into the niches and crannies and place the wall wherever you think needs a little extra panache.

Add a Fountain

When you look at your backyard, chances are that with the exception of your home, nothing stretches taller than the chairs you relax in to watch the sunset, but if you add a tall fountain, you create not just vertical appeal, but a sense of peace. Fountains come in many shapes and sizes and can even be hung on the wall; you just have to choose your favorite!

Plant Trees

A mature tree can be a majestic sight to see, adding a vertical appeal that also improves oxygen levels and breeds a healthier environment. Planting the wrong tree, however, can take away from the appeal, so we desert dwellers should stick with desert trees. The paloverde, mesquite, and Arizona ash are just a few examples; the Arizona ash is a deciduous tree that brings color to the landscape every fall and grows tall and beautiful.

Build a Pergola

If it seems as if we are always recommending pergolas, it’s for very good reasons. Pergolas offer shade, beauty, and in this instance, a vertical appeal that will add the perfect finishing touch to your backyard oasis. Train vines to climb up around the poles; jasmine is always a good choice, offering flowers and a soft aromatic scent to your landscape for that extra finishing step.

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