How to Choose the Right Tree for Your Arizona Home

Anyone who has ever lived in Phoenix, Arizona, or perhaps even just visited, knows that this desert climate can bring a fair bit of challenges. This manifests itself on many levels, but the homeowners out there will tell you none are more challenging than those inflicted on the landscape of your home, and your trees in particular. The good news is there are many effective methods in picking the right trees for your yard that will mitigate the headaches and ensure your landscape looks beautiful all year round. This is how you choose the right tree for your Arizona home.

Research Trees Adapted to This Environment

There are certain trees that will make you feel as if they are impossible to keep alive in the desert. Well, it is possible, it will just require a tremendous amount of work, money, and knowledge. On the other hand, there are many trees that will thrive here without you lifting a finger, except for perhaps the occasional trimming to keep it looking nice. These are the trees that you want on your landscape. Among many trees that thrive in Arizona are mesquites, palo verdes, citrus trees, and much more. Do your own research to find a long list of trees that will thrive in your yard. Consider

What You Want from the Tree

It is truly incredible the list of great things that a tree can provide for a homeowner. Being aware of the benefits of specific trees will go a long way in ensuring you pick the best one for you. One of the most popular reasons is the aesthetic beauty that they provide, thus improving the look and even the value of your home. If this is your goal, pick a tree with vibrant blooming conditions. They are also amazing for providing shade for property. Doing research will ensure you get the most shade for your buck. Trees can even provide food, so perhaps an orange or grapefruit tree could be the one for you.

Ensure the Tree Will Work in the Location You Have Planned

There has been an incredible number of trees cut down because they were growing into power lines, their roots breached underground plumbing, or they were just flat-out too big for the area they were planted. It only takes a bit of research to learn how big a space any given tree needs to thrive. Take this into account before planting the right tree for your Arizona home and you can save yourself numerous future headaches.

Call the Professionals to Pick the Right Tree for your Arizona Home

As with all matters of a beautiful landscape, it never hurts to call the professionals in regard to planting and taking care of trees in Arizona. With over 35 years of experience, the team at New Image Landscaping and Pools are just the sort of professionals you need. We provide countless services such as planting and taking care of your trees but also to address every aspect of a beautiful landscape. The friendly staff here would also love to simply provide you with guidance and advice over the phone if you are set on the DIY experience. Call us today at (480) 654-4422 and see how easy it can be to have a beautiful landscape year-round in Arizona.