Arizona Summer

How to Survive an Arizona Summer

Well, it finally happened. You woke up this morning, walked out to get the paper, and burned the skin off the soles of your feet—at 7 o’clock in the morning! Whether this is your first experience with a desert summer or you have lived here for a few minutes, you are about to experience a heat unlike any other. Because we have lived here for way longer than a few minutes, we at New Image Landscape and Pools are about to help you survive an Arizona summer; pay close attention to save your skin—literally!

After the End of April

Never go outside without shoes on. Ever. That concrete has been marinating in the sun’s heat all day and is as close to a wood-fire pizza oven as it can be! If you have a dog who needs to go for regular walks, be sure to invest in dog “booties” to protect their sensitive paw pads.

Plant Trees Around the House

Believe it or not, the canopy of leaves will cool the house, especially if the shade they cast is over the windows. You will need to be careful of roots getting entangled in your pipes, so be sure to talk with someone who can give you advice on the type of tree you should plant—someone like New Image!

Head North this Arizona Summer

Even the “coolest” tips start to fail, so sometime around the 6th month of summer, when you think you can’t handle another minute of the inferno that is your life, pack up the car and head to Flagstaff! Cool days lead into even cooler nights; rent a vacation home with a fireplace and pretend that winter has already arrived!

Build a Pagoda in the Backyard

Because “never go outside” is not a realistic tip, providing as much shade as possible is very important. A pagoda or gazebo can offer a wonderful place to eat dinner when the temperatures finally drop below 110. Double the “cool factor” by plant some shade trees around the structure and you’ve extended your outdoor fun time!

Build a Pool

The pros of a pool for combatting summer’s heat far outweigh any cons. Early summer and late summer pool parties will make you the most popular coyote in your personal desert! When the temps start soaring, sleepless nights will be a thing of the past if you have a pool; wait till the sun sets and then enjoy a nighttime dip. Your core temperature will stay low and cool all night long. If your backyard is lacking the number one essential battler of heat, give us a call and schedule an appointment today. There’s still quite a few months of summer left; you may even get it built before the heatwave subsides!