Update Your Landscaping

How to Update Your Landscaping to a More Modern Style

Even the best of yards can appear to be outdated and lackluster after a time. What is popular today doesn’t always stand the test of time! Of course, there’s something to be said for the timeless beauty of an old English garden, complete with hedges and garden benches, but we live in the desert, and what works for the queen probably wouldn’t last here! This guide to update your landscape will erase the unfashionable and give your yard the modern edge you’ve always dreamed it could have!

Step 1: Remove What’s Broken or Dilapidated

The surest way to give your yard a modern update is by removing the ugly parts. Broken garden walls, wood benches that are dried out and disintegrating, and sad gravel areas that are faded and filled with weeds all add to the outmoded look you and your neighbors are growing to despise.

Step 2: Those Plants Have to Go

Leggy bushes with most of their leaves gone, overgrown shrubs that are blocking the view of the home from the street and are dead in the middle, or any plants that no longer please you are the next thing to ditch. Planting flowering bushes that are cheerful and attract bees and butterflies will bring a smile to your face every time you drive into your driveway or walk out onto your porch! Browse your local nursery and talk to the workers to find out which plants work best in our dry and arid soil; research will help keep you from having to revamp anytime soon!

Step 3: Follow the Trends

Just as fashion and home interiors change frequently, landscape design regularly follows new trends, and the word for 2020 landscape design is geometric for hardscape additions. Reuse the brick in your walkways by incorporating a design; chevron and basket weave are predicted to be popular this year!

Step 4: Trending Colors

Gray and white are on their way out and shades of blue that bring about the feeling of the ocean are in! Plant flowers with blue blooms, paint the gazebo a daring shade of aqua, or go an entirely different direction by bringing in a water feature, such as a pool, hot tub, or fountain!

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