Improve Your Pool with a Mist System, Heating Element, or Swim Up Bar

Are you tired of your same boring pool? Do you think of your pool as just a dull hole with water in it? Do you want to impress your friends and family with a sweet new pool? Then you should look into some of the best pool upgrades on the market! Besides resurfacing your pool, a mist system, heating element, and swim up bar can really make your pool stand out. Take a look at each individually and see if they will make your pool experience even better!

Improve Your Pool With a Mist System

A mist system for your pool is perfect for those hundred plus degree days. In Phoenix, it gets hot. Not like the traditional summer most are used to, but stand outside and it hurts kind of hot. You would think that a pool could solve this, but on some days it just feels like you are pouring boiling water on yourself to cool down. One way to help those kind of days is a mist system. The mist system sprays water into the air to bring down the temperature around you. This will make your pool experience more fun and give you that refreshing experience you are looking for.

Heating Element

Although we deal with the hot times of the summer, we all live in Arizona for the cooler winter days. We get lucky and nine months out of the year are gorgeous. But when the temperature of the pool sinks below 75, we all run away and fail to use our pool when it’s the most beautiful outside. One way to help beat that cold pool is to add a heating element. You are able to heat your pool year-round to the perfect temperature so that you can get the most out of your pool.

Swim Up Bar

Many people love to drink and lounge by the pool. Why not combine these two pastimes into one amazing pool amenity to improve your pool. A swim up bar comes in many different layouts, but the premise is that you can serve drinks right to the people who are swimming in the pool. This can involve a sunken bar that has full hookups, underwater bar stools in which your pool guests can sit, and even a stylish umbrella to keep your drinks out of the harsh Arizona sun. This upgrade will get used time and time again and make your house the life of the party.