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Incorporating New Pool Technology into Your Backyard

As the new millennium picks up speed, yard design options are changing equally rapidly. Just a couple of decades ago the smartest thing in our backyards were the families and pets that lived there. while today some of the technology used may actually be smarter than we are! But that’s ok; smart technology does make yard design and care easy. In many cases all you may need is an app on your phone and someone to help you understand how the app works! This guide to incorporating new pool technology into your backyard promises to be the most important thing you’ve read all year, so don’t hesitate a minute longer!

Smart Sprinkler Systems

The old sprinkler timers that were once so popular did make our lives easier and our yards greener, but they might not have done much for the environment. Basically, we set the timers to allow the sprinklers to turn on and turn off at certain times of day, and if we happened to be home when the rain started, we’d run out and switch to rain mode. Today’s smart sprinkler systems, however, are game-changers. Offering voice commands and the ability to detect weather changes and adapt accordingly, these sprinkler systems save time, money, and help the environment, especially as we live in an area where water is a precious resource!

Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting has evolved as well, and although we once thought motion sensors and night detecting sensors were incredible, we now know there is so much more that can be done with today’s lighting. From changing the color to being able to control lights from a phone app, today’s customizable lighting options will brighten your world!

Even Pools Can Be Smart

Technology for pools has increased by leaps and bounds, making it simpler for a homeowner to maintain. Controlling equipment run times, lighting, and monitoring chemical balance, the IQ of pool technology has risen significantly; there are even robot pool cleaners that have recently become the latest in upgrades.

So Much More!

From chill maintaining wine glasses to LED furniture, the technology for creating our own home paradise expands each day. Give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do to move your backyard into genius mode! Check out our pool and spa remodeling services!