Infinity Pool Designs

Long rectangular pool sided with synthetic fields and fire pit by New Image, Mesa's landscaping company

Pool design has come a long way since the early days. Gone are the traditional plaster pools that came in either rectangle or kidney shapes, making room for pools of all shapes, styles, and designs—including the infinity pool! Also known as a negative edge pool, an infinity pool is built to look as if it is a part of the landscape just beyond the end of the pool. Concrete barriers are left off at one end, creating the appearance that the pool goes on and on forever. Read on to learn why you should build an infinity pool in your own backyard!

Why Build an Infinity Pool?

Beautiful and dramatic, an infinity pool takes advantage of a breathtaking view by becoming a part of that view and improving on it! Ocean side resorts construct their infinity pools as near to the ocean as possible, creating the appearance that the pool and ocean are one entity—sunsets viewed from a pool float here are even more awe inspiring!

In the desert where we live, infinity pools are often built on properties that are high above the valley, incorporating the mountain views and creating peace, harmony, and tranquility. Sunsets in the desert are even more wondrous when viewed from your infinity edge pool overlooking the Valley of the Sun; it’s almost like magic!

Award Winning Pools

When you choose New Image Landscape and Pools to build your infinity pool, you are choosing a company that is famous for innovation, creativity, and for building award winning pools that have thrilled our customers for decades. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation—summer isn’t that far away!