Installing a Pagoda

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The desert sun can be harsh and brutal, scorching delicate plants and frying the tender skin of unsuspecting desert dwellers, so finding shade isn’t just a whim—it’s a life necessity! And now that you have spent months installing a pool, planting beautiful flowers and plants, and doing everything you can to create your own oasis in this harsh desert world, how about adding a pagoda to your yard? A pagoda is a structure that adds shade and beauty in a unique and awesome way and is actually pretty easy to install, even for those of you who aren’t the handiest of people!

What Is a Pagoda?

Pagodas were originally Hindu or Buddhist temples built with multiple tiers with an Asian influence, but for our purposes today, we are discussing the landscaping version, which is merely a simple version of a gazebo. Traditionally built with four posts and multiple beams across the top, pagodas can also be more elaborate and ornamental, often sharing the same Asian flair as their namesakes. If the open beams found in a traditional pagoda don’t offer the sun or weather protection that you desire, shake shingles add a unique twist to the structure. They provide extra shade and/or protection from the elements.

Why Would You Want a Pagoda?

Aside from providing shade, a pagoda can turn a barren spot in your back yard into a lush and inviting outdoor entertaining area. Flowering vines that creep up the posts and across the roof beams allow for an intoxicating scent to be enjoyed as you dine with friends and family, enjoying the view of the sun setting just beyond your pool. The beauty that a pagoda adds to your landscape design will make you the envy of all your neighbors.

Learn More! Are Pagodas Difficult to Install?

The simple pagodas are easy for even those who aren’t handy to construct, while the more difficult versions with tiered roofs and/or shake shingles should most likely be left to the experts. As one of the most experienced landscaping companies in Mesa, Chandler, & Gilbert, AZ,New Image Landscape and Pools has had a long history of creating beautiful landscapes and structures such as the pagoda, and if you are leery of starting this type of project on your own, go ahead and give us a call! You can see by our website that we offer quality construction and imaginative designs. We would love to share our ideas with you to help you create the oasis you have always dreamed of having in your backyard!

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