Installing a Pagoda in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Arizona pool

Anyone who has experienced a summer in Scottsdale, Arizona, knows the exceptional effect that the sun can have on a landscape and the people who endeavor to enjoy that landscape. You could design and install an incredible landscape complete with a pool, patios, and diverse vegetation but without ample shade, you will only want to enjoy these features through the windows of your house. The best answer to the predicament created by intense desert summers is a pagoda in AZ! A Pagoda is a structure that provides shade in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

What is a Pagoda?

The pagoda design stems from the influence of Hindu and Buddhist temples, which were massive structures employing Asian architectural principles. The Phoenix pagodas that we are discussing are not as involved, but feature some related and beautiful pagoda design elements. The pagoda is the result of applying some of these Asian features to your typical landscape gazebo. Typically, these structures consist of four columns that support evenly spaced beams resting atop the supports parallel to ground. Since there is space between the shade-providing beams, you may find that your shade requires shingles atop the structure. There are plenty of ways to create a unique pagoda with a range of complexity.

What are the Benefits?

There are multiple benefits that come with a pagoda in AZ beyond the shade that they provide. It does add a beautiful artistic element to your landscape but it also creates the perfect ambiance for a place to relax. Barbecues and pool parties find new life and relaxation under a simple pagoda featuring moss and vines stretching across the framing. This is the type of feature that will set your landscape apart from your neighbors.

Are the Pagodas Difficult to Install?

There are pagodas out there that are incredibly easy to erect. Simple structures featuring the four support posts and a few beams across the top can be assembled by just about anyone. As the designs get more intricate and beautiful, featuring things like offset beams and shingles, the construction process becomes increasingly difficult. It is in the installation of these Phoenix pagodas that we recommend the assistance of professionals. With over 30 years of experience, we here at New Image Landscape and Pools are just the experts you are looking for. We have installed countless pagodas in AZ, featuring a vast array of designs. Call us today to see how the countless types of pagoda designs can make your yard the envy of all of Scottsdale.