Irrigation Services

A lawn irrigation system can keep your garden looking great


Maybe you just got a new grass lawn or a beautiful garden to bring your yard to the next level. But now you are faced with the obstacle of watering your new features efficiently and with ease. Many people in the valley have turned to New Image Landscape and Pools to design and install the perfect lawn irrigation system to go with their new landscape. This is a very attractive option because it ensures that your yard receives the exact right amount of water and nutrients with a consistency that can only be achieved with automated irrigation systems for gardens and lawns.

Proper Installation

When it comes to your very own irrigation sprinkler system, it is best to trust the professionals with its design and installment. Many people have endeavored to do this themselves, and more often than not, they run into problems either during the installation or a couple of months or years down the line. One of the most common issues is the uneven watering of different areas from differences in pressure throughout the pipes, as well as improper placement of the pipe outlets. There is also a fair amount of calculation required to achieve the appropriate amount of water for your given area.

With New Image Landscape and Pools, you can be sure that your lawn irrigation system will not have any of these problems. New Image is there with you every step away from design and installation to maintenance. Not only is the quality of the design sure to provide you with the most efficient and long-lasting irrigation system, but the materials used are sure to make your irrigation system for gardens and lawns last as long as possible. If you have been faced with the prospect of digging your system up to make repairs, then you will know the value of this first hand.

Let New Image Assist You

With over 35 years of experience doing everything from designing, installing, and maintaining landscape features, New Image Landscape and Pools is the only place that will offer you the best lawn irrigation systems you can find in the valley. They offer an incredibly wide range of designs and system styles, from underground drip irrigation to variations of flood irrigation. The experts at New Image will work side-by-side with you to ensure that you have the most efficient irrigation sprinkler system that makes sense for your particular circumstances. Call the experts at New Image Landscape and Pools today to learn more about how you can ensure the health of your yard with a world-class sprinkler system for your lawn.

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