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Is a Splash Pad Right for You?

Even though the calendar may say it is still spring, we seasoned desert veterans just have to step outside to know that summer has arrived. Temperatures are rising over 100 degrees, our deodorant is failing, and the blisters on our hands from holding on to scorching hot steering wheels are adding up! This is the time of year to draw the shades and stay inside—unless you are fortunate enough to have a pool or a splash pad in your own backyard to help keep you cool and happy! A splash pad, you ask? Yes, you read that right! Splash pads are no longer just commercial installments for public pools or to be put in front of theaters; residential ones are allowing Arizona families extend their outside time without adding a major expense to their budgets!

Splash Spad: Perfect for Smaller Yards

As houses are growing bigger, lot sizes are staying the same, which means homeowners just don’t have the large yards that were popular in the past, limiting their options for water fun. Even the smallest pools can be too large for many yards, but with splash pads coming in many sizes and shapes, lot size is not an issue! Offering as few as six nozzles of fun and as many as 16 in a kit, the only limits to the fun you can have is your imagination and budget! The budget can be as low as you want or as high as you need, and because we don’t believe in limitations, if your yard is large enough, you can have both a pool AND a splash pad!

Safety is another issue that may have parents avoiding a pool and looking at splash pads instead. No standing water when turned off allows parents of youngsters to sleep easily at night. There’s no fear of unlocked gates or door alarms that stop working at the wrong times, just happy mornings spent frolicking in the water’s spray until it gets too hot to stay outside for another minute!

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