Shot of newly set artificial grass

Is Artificial Turf Right for Your Yard?

We all want our yards to be an oasis that greets us with warmth, style, and charm as we drive home from work, and we need it to be a place that surrounds us with peace when we are puttering around on weekends and vacations. The beauty of a yard filled with rich green grass and colorful flowers stands out against the solid structure of our homes, but is grass really the right choice in the desert? Requiring an excess amount of our region’s most precious resource, we often find ourselves wishing there was a way to still enjoy our yards without the work and water required, and the only other option, a desert landscape, just doesn’t appeal.

We at New Image Landscape and Pools, however, have yet another option, one that requires no water, no work, and still offers that verdant and lush green that will make your yard one that people fall in love with. We are talking about artificial turf, a surface that has changed greatly over the years. This guide to whether artificial turf is the right choice for your Arizona yard will give you a better picture as to what to expect!

Realistic and Beautiful

If you have ever taken an evening walk and noticed a yard that shines brighter than the others in the neighborhood, looking lush and full with no flaws, chances are you were observing a lawn topped with artificial turf. Today’s turf has come a long way from the stiff plastic you are used to associating with artificial grass and offers a lot of benefits, not just requiring absolutely no water! Other than an occasional hose down to clear off debris, you won’t need to spend your precious weekend hours slaving over the lawn, only to still find spots that are brown, or worrying about how to get it to grow in the shade of that evergreen elm that adds interest and coolness to your landscape. Every day when you pull into the driveway, your yard will be lush, green, and appealing, and every weekend you can spend all your free hours sitting and sipping in the shade of your patio, instead of working hard to keep it looking this amazing!

People with allergies can say goodbye to sneezing and eyes that are red and itchy, and because today’s turf is made with non-toxic materials, you never have to worry about poisoning the environment! Your baby can play happily on the grass, exploring her environment without mom having to worry that something will make her ill, and because the surface is smooth and easy to navigate, learning to walk on the turf is easy and safe!

The variety of turf available to be purchased also ensures that you will find the one that is perfect for your needs, especially if you have pets. And yes, dog owners can appreciate the simplicity of artificial turf, which just needs to be hosed down for cleaning and is virtually impenetrable, meaning your dog won’t be able to dig holes or chew on the edges! There are even height differences in the turfs available, allowing for a putting green in the backyard which requires a much shorter length than what you might prefer in the front. Weight differences, color differences, and density differences are just a few more of the options you will be choosing from when you decide to add artificial turf to your landscape, so be prepared to make a few decisions in the early stages of the process, but once it is installed, life promises to be easy and smooth!

Other Considerations for Your Arizona Yard

Not all yards will be ideal for the use of artificial turf, and these items are important to consider during the initial decision making process. If your home is large and the lot is small, the heat from window glare can actually burn the grass, making it not a great choice for your yard. If you don’t think you will be proactive cleaning up after your pets, the smell can linger, decreasing your enjoyment of your environment and causing issues with the neighbors. And remember, we live in the desert, which means summers will be hot and your turf may hold that heat, making it a little more difficult to walk on barefoot, potentially making your yard a little hotter than the ones around yours.

Make Your Yard the Talk of the Town

The decision to utilize artificial turf is a very personal one and if you are thinking that this may be the way to go, give us a call today! The things we have discussed today are just the tip of the iceberg and we want to ensure that you fall in love with the yard of your dreams with absolutely no reservations!