Arizona Summer

Keeping Your Pool Cool During Summer in Arizona

Summertime in Arizona is hot, which means the temperature of the water in your pool is also heating up. During the summer, pool water can be as warm as low to mid-90s. When it’s 100 degrees outside this is not refreshing. Most families want to make sure their pool gets plenty of use, so one way of keeping your pool cool during summer months is by installing a pool aerator.

Pool Aerators

A pool aerator is an attachment that it is either screwed or plugged onto the side of your pool. The attachment acts as a mister, spraying a fountain of water into your pool. As the water is sprayed through the air, oxygen is mixed with the small droplets of water, which helps to cool your pool down. Aerators are a good option for pools in Arizona, as they work best in dry climates.

Some pools already have pool aerators built in. The valve for your pool aerator should be clearly labeled somewhere in your pool equipment. If your pool does not have an aerator, they are inexpensive and easy to add.

If you have a water feature in your pool, such as a waterfall, your pool may not have an aerator, as a waterfall performs the same function. Pool aerators are an easy way to help cool your pool’s water temperature down, but it will only do so by a few degrees. During the hottest months of an Arizona summer, this may not be enough to make your pool enjoyable and you may want to consider other methods of keeping your pool cool during summer.

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