Patios and Decks

A distant view of a pretty typical Arizona patio we built a couple years back.

Perhaps one of the most underrated ways of increasing both the usability and unique style of your yard is by adding a patio or a deck. From a style standpoint, your landscape will look better than ever, with an ornate wood deck/patio that can only add to the distinctive style of your already gorgeous yard. But, style is not the only reason that consumers choose to install these improvements; it goes much farther than that.

Why a Patio or Deck?

One of the main reasons, perhaps, is the new sitting area that you and your guests will have. As we all know, shade is an important thing here in Arizona, and a nice patio can be a good way to supply said shade while not sacrificing the inherent beauty your landscape possesses. Decks, on the other hand, can also offer comfort, but in a slightly different way. Instead, this improvement gives a unique place for guests to put their chairs, gather round, and just relax. In many ways, decks, along with patios, can be used as an extension of your living area into the yard, giving you a great place to barbeque or host parties! And, you might even be able to increase the value of your home, provided the deck/patio fits into the overall style of your exterior landscape.

This is precisely why, if you are thinking about installing one of these marvelous additions, you must come to New Image Landscape and Pools. We offer a wide variety of different Arizona backyard features: patios, decks, and other accessories that will spruce up your yard and keep you under budget. Plus, we can bring a creative vision to your landscape that goes far and beyond what other companies can provide; truly, if you leave your landscape and pool needs in the hands of New Image, you will get more than what you ever could have hoped. Just leave it to us, and we can give you the advice you need, or make your dream patio and deck become a reality!