Water Features & Ponds

Three of our favorite Arizona water features all built into one solid structure.

Imagine the trickling music projecting from an ornate stone fountain, the babbling tune lighting up a drab pool scene, or a still pond, enhancing your yard with its still beauty. All this can be yours with a beautiful water feature or AZ pond from New Image Landscape and Pools. No matter what you get, from fountains to waterfalls, professionally installed water features can easily become the focal point of any garden, pool, or landscape setting. Arizona ponds cool down your yard, add beauty where it wasn’t, and offer a creative, unique addition to any boring yard or pool setting.

Best of all, when you combine the mystic, calm beauty of a custom home water feature or AZ ponds with the best landscaping and pool design company available, you get a wonder of a yard that is fun, distinctive, imaginative, and in the exact fashion that you desire. Here at New Image, we wish to serve you, so look through our selection of Arizona water features today and see what your yard can be like tomorrow!