Landscaping for Shade: The Best Landscape Features for Shade on Your Property

Designing a landscape involves a great deal of detail. This is because your outdoor living space should not only be beautiful, but functional and comfortable as well. There are many important elements to consider, but one of the top things to keep in mind is shade. If you truly want to be able to enjoy your landscape, it’s essential to incorporate shade features into the layout and design. Learn why it’s a good idea to shade a property and what the top choices are below.

Reasons to Shade a Property

There are several reasons shade should be a vital part of a landscape’s arrangement. To begin with, when the temperatures heat up, shade will provide a reprieve from the scorching sun so that you can still spend time outside relaxing or entertaining guests. Staying in the protection of shade will also prevent you from suffering a painful sunburn, which can eventually lead to skin cancer. Your landscape, furniture, and outdoor equipment will also be protected from damaging ultraviolet rays that can cause things to fade quickly and show premature signs of wear and tear. As an additional benefit, the beauty and creativity of certain shade structures and features will enhance the appeal of your property and increase its resale value.

Shade Features to Consider

Whether you prefer something unique and artistic in design or more classic and simple, each of the following shade features come in a wide range of styles to easily complement your landscape.

Pagodas – Pagodas are one of the most attractive ways to add shade to a landscape. They are stunning in design, as they are constructed with tiered towers and emphasized pointed corners to replicate the impressive sacred structures found in Asian countries. They are sturdy and can be decorated in a number of ways.

Pergolas – Pergolas can provide as little or as much shade as you desire depending on the size and spacing of the beams when it’s built. You can add a cover over the beams for complete shade or leave some open space to see the stars at night. They can be customized in a variety of materials and architectural designs.

Gazebos – Installing a gazebo is a great way to expand your living space with outdoor seating. They are elegantly designed and open enough to allow the surroundings in while still being closed enough to keep the hot sun out. They’re the perfect architectural focal point for any landscape.

Big Trees – Another solution for giving your landscape shade while also enhancing it is to plant shade trees. There are several fast-growing trees that will do the job, such as Nuttall Oak, Hybrid Poplar, Weeping Willow, Paper Birch, Red Maple, Northern Catalpa, and American Sycamore.

New Image Landscape and Pools offers a variety of shade feature options that will transform the look of your property just as you envision. You will also notice a whole new level of comfort while enjoying your outdoor oasis and remaining shielded from the sun’s rays at the same time.