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Lawn Tips for the Winter Months

The climate in Phoenix, Arizona is one that brings many challenges to landscaping, particularly for those with a grass lawn; many of you have probably learned this the hard way. But with winter right around the corner, there are a few easy tips that will keep your lawn looking beautiful, regardless of what the weather may throw at it. Here are just a few tips for this winter.


Since grass that is popular in Arizona does not naturally remain green during the winter months, it is not really possible to keep a nice lawn throughout the winter without overseeding your lawn. This is the process by which you seed your lawn with a more cool-climate type of grass that will supplement your current grass. You should be sure to cut your lawn relatively short and clear any debris before doing this.

Mowing to the Proper Height

This is one of the main factors that will either help a lawn prosper or cause it to really struggle in the winter months. Mowing the grass too short will cause it to consume more water and stress the root systems underneath. Letting it remain too long will increase the stress on the roots in maintaining that much more healthy grass. Bermuda grass is the most popular in Phoenix, and it should be mowed to a height of around two inches during the winter.

Do Not Overwater

Grass in phoenix that has not been overseeded for the winter will not need any water. If you do choose to overseed your grass, then you should be watering only every three to seven days. Reducing the amount of times you water the grass will go a long way in helping the roots grow deeper. This is essential for a healthy lawn, year-round.

Use a Starter Fertilizer for Overseeded Grass

Since you will be planting an entirely new lawn through overseeding, it is a good idea to give it every advantage possible so your efforts are not wasted. A 6-24-24 fertilizer is usually a safe bet because it supplies all the potassium and phosphate that a young lawn needs to become very healthy and beautiful.


Throughout the summer, your soil tends to solidify, becoming dense and compact from heat and other factors. While it is certainly not always required, using a good aerating substance can go a long way in increasing your soil’s receptiveness to water and fertilizer. There are plenty of good core aerators on the market for good prices.

It can be difficult to keep that lawn looking healthy and beautiful throughout the winter, but educating yourself is the best way to go about doing it. These are some great tips for doing so, but there is certainly more to learn on the subject. Contact the experts at New Image for all your Arizona lawncare needs!