Lounging Ledges

Arizona Pool Lounging Ledges

Now more than ever, the humble backyard pool has become a place of rest, relaxation, and lavish luxury—and often not so humble! We work hard and play even harder, so when it’s time to slow down the pace and take a little “us time,” our backyard oasis is the spot we want to be. Lounging ledges—chaise lounges made from colorful, chemical resistant resin built right onto the Baja ledge of your pool—are the latest and greatest luxury amenities designed for your pool. They are rapidly becoming the most in-demand item we supply! New Image Landscape and Pools has been in the pool business for over three decades, and even we are charmed by this latest pool accessory—so much so that many of our staff members have added lounging ledges to our own pools! Read on to learn more about this new trend in pool design.

This Is the Life

Close your eyes and picture the perfect summer day. Does it involve lounging on a brightly colored and curved lounging ledge, feeling the chill of the water against your lower half as the sun shines brightly down from overhead? If not, it’s probably because you didn’t know this was possible until right this minute! We get it, there’s only so many new pool accessories you can comprehend at once, but this is the one that quite possibly surpasses all others!

Weekends spent lounging in your pool promise to be relaxing ones that allow you to recharge and prepare for the busy week that lies ahead. Feel your mind go blank and your muscles turn to macaroni noodles as you nap, chat with family, or read your favorite summer best seller right from the seat of your lounging ledge; life doesn’t get any better!

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