Find out great ways to improve your Arizona Pool

Luxury Features to Spice Up Your Pool’s Style

It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or just want to get the most out of your backyard, a swimming pool is one of the best features you can put into your home. However, after a while, it’s easy for pools to become dull and outdated. Here are some ideas to breathe new life into your Arizona pool area with luxury features.

Add a Hot Tub

One way to add luxury to any pool area is by installing a hot tub either nearby or right off your pool. There are many different styles and colors available, so find the right fit for your space. A hot tub is an especially attractive addition to round pools.

Replace the Tile in Your Arizona Pool

After so many years of wear, tile starts to lack the luster it once had, and the patterns become outdated and boring. Update the look of your home pool with new pool tile and designs. There are lots of different materials to choose from.

Glass tiles are a great choice in sunny Arizona. These highly reflective tiles will glitter and shine every day for you! If you want something more subtle, stone look tiles bring an earthy dimension to your pool. The looks run from sandstone and slate to marble and lapis lazuli. These tiles can also help pull together other areas of your landscaping with the pool. There are many other options for pool tile, only limited by your imagination!

Update Your Lighting

No matter what kind of space someone is designing, lighting is always one of the most critical aspects. It can make or break any area of your house or yard, so choose carefully. Underwater pool lights give your pool more mood and character than just using above-ground lighting. If you’re going to spend the money on underwater lighting, make sure you can change the color and control it all remotely. Underground lighting can be especially effective if you have a fountain in or around the pool that would also catch the light. And speaking of fountains…

Water Features

Making a standard pool into an exciting water feature—or adding one for effect—is a fun and creative process. Depending on how your pool and decking are situated, you can create fascinating fountains and waterfalls in any number of ways. If you’re considering new tile and/or lighting, this would be the time to think about the water feature as well, so the design holds together.

Adding or Changing the Decking

Like lighting, a deck can make or break a pool design. For instance, if you have a grotto pool, you wouldn’t want to add a standard, squared-off redwood deck right on the edge. If you’re going to add wood to the scene, you could consider a rustic wooden bridge or walkway, but mostly you would want to stick to the earthy, rock-like feel of the grotto pool. If you have an infinity pool, you may prefer decking that emphasizes the minimalist qualities of such a pool. Elaborate tiles may take away from the focal point, which is, of course, endless.

Upgraded Pool Heating and Filters

The benefits of an upgraded filter system include convenience, better quality water, and quicker vacuuming. Why spend 30 minutes cleaning the pool and filters if you can spend 15? In the market for a new pool heater? A popular method of heating pools nowadays is solar heating. Solar panels can save some serious money on utility bills.

Salt Water Pools

If you currently have a chlorine pool, you know how damaging it can be. Your skin, hair, and eyes will thank you for switching to a saltwater system. Only about one-tenth of the salinity of seawater, saltwater systems create the chlorine through electrolysis. The small amount of chlorine produced disinfects the water adequately and is much easier on the body. Other advantages? You don’t have to handle chemicals, the water feels silkier, and there is less overall maintenance on the pool.

Although the saltwater system is more expensive initially than a traditional one, over time, you will save money in chemicals and repairs and will do less damage to the environment. If you are considering a saltwater system, contact us about the advantages of a salt-chlorine generator.

Of course, there are other things you can do to make your pool look better. Try new landscaping or add some fire pits and other decorations. Even if you only do one or two of these suggestions, your pool will look refreshed and more inviting. Contact New Image Landscaping and Pools today for more information on adding luxury features to spice up your pool’s style!