Natural Rock Water Features

Add a natural rock water feature to your backyard

A day spent exploring the rocky shores of a river, or experiencing the thrill of standing under natural rock waterfalls while the water cascades around, you can end up being one of the best days of your life. Getting back to nature is a great way of grounding yourself and bringing peace and tranquility to a world that is often stressful, loud, and overwhelming, which is why natural rock water features are becoming a big thing in the landscape world!

We can’t drive out to the nearest river or waterfall every time our life gets a bit out of control, but if you build it in your own backyard, spending a few minutes every day is a simple and heartwarming way of finding your center. Fortunately for you, New Image Landscape and Pools has the experience and knowhow to help create a natural paradise in your own backyard. Read on to learn about how we can build you custom a rock water fountain and more!

Choices, choices, choices

Ideally, the perfect oasis would contain each and every thing listed below, but we understand time, money, and lot size are all factors in deciding what you can actually achieve versus what you dream about. Listed below are a few options that will turn your backyard from an ok area to hang in to an oasis that you will want to spend all your spare moments relaxing in.

  • Fountains – The sound of water splashing against the rocky bottom of a fountain created out of bricks or stone is one of nature’s most soothing sounds, and natural rock fountains today can be so much more than ones of days past.
  • Fire pits with waterfalls – Yes, we live in the desert, but nights can be chilly, and nothing is more romantic than late night hours spent in front of a roaring fire chatting with the one you love most. Natural rock has such an elegant to it, so a fire pit built of stone or brick will look amazing even when not in use.
  • Natural rock waterfalls for your pool – A natural rock waterfall can be as simple as you like – a single stone from which a copper scupper allows water to fall into the waters below – or as elaborate as you prefer. Multiple layers of stone stacked high above the pool’s surface create as close to a real waterfall as possible. Waterfalls in pools have the added benefit of keeping your pool cooler in the hottest of summer months!
  • Stream or koi pond – A rocky bottomed water feature is perfect for growing foliage to create a haven of beauty and simplicity or even a spot to start a koi pond. A few well-placed boulders along the side offer relaxing spots to sit and feed your new sea pets or just to contemplate the mysteries of the world. This option is best for larger yards that have shade.

Check Out What New Image Landscape & Pools Can Do for You!

The above mentioned items are just a sampling of natural rock water features that will add to the paradise that is your backyard. Why not check out our website to see what we can do for you? Life can be stressful, but creating a haven in your backyard can help you deal with the tough stuff, and we are here to help.