Our Salt Water Pool Systems

A 9 foot deep salt water pool we built within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

If you ever wondered what the difference is between a salt water and a traditional pool, you have come to the right place! A traditional pool requires copious amounts of chlorine to be added weekly to stay algae free.

The problem with this, besides the amount of money you will spend annually on chlorine, is that chlorine affects pH and alkalinity in a negative way. While you are adding it, you also have to adjust and check the chemical levels in your pool to avoid possibly damaging your equipment and your pool surface. A salt water pool produces small doses of chlorine continuously, leaving the pH and alkalinity unaffected. This prolongs the life of your equipment and pool surface, and leaves you plenty of free time to frolic in the crystal clear waters of your backyard pool!

New Image Landscape And Pools Salt Water Pool Systems Conversion

Our Mesa salt water pools systems are chosen according to the size of your pool and have a variety of features, including, but not limited to, salt readout, self-cleaning, and the capability of controlling your pool equipment. Don’t you just love technology? It makes life so much simpler!

Installation of the equipment can be easy if you’re handy, but can be time consuming, so even if you’re handy with equipment, you should probably consider hiring us to do the installation while you sit back and sip on a cold one!  Trust us: If the thought of wiring and electrical scares you silly, you know the drill! Hire a great company like New Image Landscape and Pools and sit back and sip on a cold one. We told you the conversion process is easy!

Let New Image Landscape and Pools be your Mesa Pool Builders Today!

If you are interested in installing a salt water pool system, we promise to give you the peace and simplicity of a crystal clear salt water pool with little effort on your part! Our 35 years in the business ensures we know the ins and outs and understand the latest technology so you don’t have to! Contact us today and discover more about what a salt water pool system can do for you!