Aerial View of elevated multicolored fire pit accompanying pool and spa by New Image, Mesa & Scottsdale landscaping company

Which Outdoor Fire Pit Should You Get?

The scorching hot summers of The Valley of the Sun slowly fade away as the fall months finally present us with the weather that makes living here in Arizona so great. Many newcomers to the region find the desert nights to be surprisingly cold during their first winter here; lack of cloud coverage in the desert can result in some drastic temperature drops at night.

Suddenly, that fire pit in the backyard of your neighbor’s home that you’ve been eyeing suspiciously makes a lot more sense. What was once an unfathomable thought in June becomes a more realistic notion once December rolls around. There are few better ways to take advantage of a winter night in The Valley than cozying up outside around the fire pit. We’ll be there to help you for the entire process of choosing a fire pit that’s a perfect fit for your backyard, from selection to installation.

Wood Fire Pits

Wood fire pits have been leaving humans satisfied since the beginning of time for a reason. The scent is one that you’ve grown accustomed to, from the smells of wood-fire pizza to the lakeside fires of your childhood vacation. It’s this classic aroma that makes wood fire pits perfect for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows on a stick. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about gas line installation costs, or placement issues, with a wood fire pit.

Prospective buyers should keep in mind that building a wood fire takes some time to learn. Not everyone was in the Boy Scouts, but everyone should be able to Google directions for constructing a lasting flame. There’s also the issue of acquiring the wood; Phoenix is not exactly the most forested area, so you won’t be able to go chop down some trees by yourself. Burning wood in The Valley also means that you’ll be limited to your fire nights, as many dates are banned due to pollution problems in the region.

Gas Fire Pits

Those who don’t want to mess around with the hassle of building a fire every time they want to get warm should consider a gas fire pit. All you have to do is push a button and you have fire – it’s that easy. Also, gas fires are not included in Phoenix’s “No Burn Days,” so you’re not restricted to the amount of nights you can have a fire.

Installation of a gas line for an outdoor fire pit is required if you don’t have one on your property, so that is a potential cost to keep in mind. Sadly, campfire cooking is something you won’t be able to enjoy with a gas fire pit.

If you haven’t mind up your mind about which fire pit you want for your home, that’s where we can help. We can install a custom outdoor fireplace that meets the placement, style, and design that you want. Contact us today to take that first step towards your new outdoor sanctuary.