Outdoor Arizona Lighting Buyer’s Guide

Mix safety with aesthetic design using outdoor Arizona lighting


There are many details to think about when it comes to the design and décor of your home, and outdoor lighting should be near the top of the list. This is because outdoor lighting serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. You can light up your beautiful landscape features at night while providing your Arizona property with an increase in security at the same time. Understanding all the benefits of outdoor Arizona lighting will help you decide which type of lighting fixtures will best suit your specific style and needs.


Benefits of Landscape Lighting


One of the main benefits of having outdoor Arizona lighting installed on your property is the added curb appeal it brings. When placed in just the right way, lighting fixtures will enhance the landscape features and architectural design that makes your home so unique and charming. Even after the sun goes down, you and your guests will be able to appreciate all these aspects as you sit on the deck, go for a late-night swim, or enjoy a summer evening barbeque.


Outdoor lighting also helps to make sure you and your family is safe and secure. Illuminated landscapes are a major deterrent to would-be criminals, making it harder to creep around and find good hiding spots. In addition, Arizona LED lighting will prevent there from being any injuries on your property due to falling or tripping hazards.


Types of Lighting Fixtures


There are a wide variety of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from, depending on where you plan to have them installed, what kind of look and ambiance you’re going for, and how much budget you have to work with. Arizona landscaping companies like New Image Landscape and Pools can provide you with many different types of fixtures, such as:


  • Pathlights: These lights are the short metallic or glass fixtures you see lining a walkway.


  • Wall Lights: Wall-mounted lights are very versatile and are able to be installed on just about any vertical surface.


  • Post Lights: Available in numerous styles, post lights are extremely durable and can be used for a range of applications on the premises.


  • Step Lights: Lights can be installed in the risers of concrete steps to improve safety and give an outdoor staircase a boost in appeal.


  • Uplights: Uplights make a great selection when you want to highlight a particular landscape or architectural element.


  • Flood Lights: These bright, intense lights are meant to illuminate a substantial amount of area on a property for safety and security measures.


Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Lighting


There are many things to consider before having your outdoor lighting installed. It’s important to do your part as a good neighbor and take care not to overdo it with your Arizona LED lighting in a way that will inconvenience the people living around you. This is why you may opt to go with products that are intentionally designed with this thought in mind and will help ensure that you don’t become the neighborhood nuisance.


The outdoor lighting experts at New Image Landscape and Pools will assist you in determining which lighting fixtures are best for your property and get them professionally installed in no time. As one of the best Arizona landscaping companies, we pride ourselves on providing the best services in the state!