Pet Friendly Plants for Your Garden

Decorating your garden with beautiful plants can be difficult if you have pets around. A variety of plants can be poisonous and even deadly for pets without you even knowing what you just planted. Such poisonous plants that you should avoid having in your garden include common flowers such as lilies, vincas, tulips, daffodils, morning glory, and many more. When planting in your garden, consider the following pet friendly plants to bring a little color.


These colorful flowers are the perfect addition for any gardener looking to bring a little color to their yard. Petunias are great for a variety of locations, such as hanging baskets, pots, bedding, and more. These beautiful flowers are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to color coordinate flowerbeds. Petunias are a hardy annual, so trim down any dead flowers to prolong the life of his colorful flower.


Lavender has a calming effect on animals and people alike, making this a worthy addition to your garden. It is perfect for drier climates and is able to take full sun all day long. Your pets will love the scent of this hardy plant.


Perennials are great flowers that survive year round without the need for replacing them constantly. Marigolds are a bright yellow perennial that also do well in sunny locations. These flowers will give a peace of mind knowing they can survive the dry Southwest.

Spider Plant

Not all pet friendly plants need to be planted outdoors. Several indoor plants are available that cannot harm your pets. Spider plant is a perennial that can grow in direct sunlight and requires little water. This fun plant can be planted directly into pots and hanging baskets.


Another great pet friendly plant that is perfect for hanging baskets is impatiens. Unlike the other plants listed so far, impatiens requires moist soil and needs to be kept in the shade. This colorful flower would make the perfect addition next to a fence or bedding area.

And Many More

There is a vast amount of pet friendly plants that will make your garden as beautiful as ever. Make sure to keep a look out for orchids, roses, sunflowers, and African violets to add even more color that you and your pets will appreciate. Always make sure when purchasing new plants that you check to be sure our Arizona climate will support them.