Plants That Flower in the Fall

It may not feel like it when you walk out the door, but fall is just a few short weeks away. And even though there may not be that much difference in temperatures, the humidity levels drop and we can feel ourselves mentally beginning to relax as we realize we have almost made it through another summer! Before long we will resume hiking Camelback Mountain, eating dinner on the back patio, and watching the sunset from our covered porch. In any case, if you feel the need to celebrate, we are presenting this guide to plants that flower in the fall because every celebration needs flowers! If you’re planting them now, however, be sure to do so in the early morning hours, wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water while you do so!


This flower is also called the Hoary Abutilon and is a perennial that blooms in the spring, summer, and fall which is an advantage for homeowners who don’t want the celebration to end. The blooms come in three different colors—white, pink, and yellow—and the leaves tend towards the silvery range of green.

Alkali Marsh Aster

This unique summer and fall blooming flower resembles a daisy on a diet! Featuring thin petals grouped around a yellow disk (again, think daisy), its blooms range from white to a delicate shade of purple and the leaves and stems are a bright green. Also known as a butterfly plant, it’s the perfect way to add some extra color to your garden in the form of butterflies!

Scarlet Spiderling

If you have a large bare spot in your desert landscaping, this flowering groundcover is the perfect solution! The blooms are tiny and range in color from a cheerful magenta to a rich and dark, wine-red shade, and the leaves are light green. This is another three-season bloomer, only staying dormant in the colder months of winter.

Firecracker Bush

For those of you who have lived in the desert before, chances are you have seen the firecracker bush in many places! Requiring low maintenance, this plant can grow in height to a leggy four feet high, and the rich red flowers contrast nicely with the dark green leaves and stems. A lovely bonus to this plant is the hummingbirds it attracts; just be sure to water it a little more and place it in partial shade to keep it growing year after year.

Arizona Beggarticks

Looking for a flowering plant to cheer up a dull corner of your yard? The Arizona Beggartick offers cheerful yellow blooms and bright green leaves and stems that will bring a smile to your face as it happily blooms in summer and fall.

Turpentine Bush

Attracting butterflies and bees, this bushy plant with dark green leaves and stems offers brilliant yellow blooms in the fall months only. Used as an unobtrusive shrub throughout most of the year, when its flowers blossom, it can become the star of your garden. The only con to this beautiful bush can be the smell; when the leaves are crushed, it smells like turpentine (hence the name.

Hummingbird Trumpet

We love a plant that performs more than one task, and the hummingbird trumpet fits the bill nicely. Offering reddish-orange blooms shaped like little trumpets and dark green leaves, this beautiful plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, creating a magical space filled with life and enchantment! Blooming from summer until the first hard frost, we can’t help but love everything about this exceptional desert plant.


You’d have to be living under a rock not to spot this commonplace desert plant that blooms for three seasons out of every year, including the fall! Featuring blooms in shades of pink, white, red, and yellow, these bushes can grow up to 12 feet tall, making them the perfect privacy hedge. It is advised that you trim them periodically, or they can become leggy and unsightly, but in every other way they are extremely low maintenance. The leaves and stems are poisonous, however, so do not plant them where pets or young children may be tempted to taste the pretty flowers!

Violet Wild Petunia

This seemingly delicate plant produces blooms that range in color from light purple to violet after the summer monsoons have begun. Appreciating the rain and moisture-laden air, the violet wild petunia is a perennial whose leaves are light green and reaches a maximum height of 2 feet.

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