Pool Care Guides and Tips

Whether you are moving into a new house with an already established pool or planning on building a pool in your backyard, it’s very likely you are going to have a few questions about pool ownership. They start out shiny and new, with crystal blue waters and an inviting look, but eventually, you will have to do something to keep it looking that way! That’s where guides from New Image Landscape and Pools, the top Mesa, AZ pool service company, come in handy!

General Maintenance Pool Pump Maintenance

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There’s a lot involved with pool upkeep and maintenance; keeping the water blue, maintaining salt levels in salt pools and chlorine levels in standard pools, and maintaining the equipment along the way are just a few of the areas you may be concerned about. If you have never owned a pool before, you may be fearful about all the things you don’t know, like unknown care tips that you never imagined could be an issue! We help customers with pool maintenance in Chandler, AZ and all the surrounding cities; our knowledge is yours to use!

When you’re moving into—or thinking about buying—a house with an older pool, you can expect some cares and concerns to pop up as well. How long has it been since the pool was resurfaced? Is it time for some new pool equipment? Can I do this alone?

And finally, as you are considering the fact that Arizona in the summer is HOT and thinking that is finally time to do something about it by building a new pool, you may need some advice on the design, decking, and determining if you want a salt or chlorine system in your future pool. Our pool service in Gilbert, AZ and the nearby cities can help!

We’re Here to Help

There’s a lot to consider in pool ownership, and it’s always nice to have a knowledgeable friend on your side to guide you through the unknown. New Image Landscape and Pools has placed this page right here to help put your mind at ease. Nearly every known scenario is featured on this page, allowing you to bookmark it on your computer and return to it as many times as you need—no matter what time of the day or night! We have the answers to all your questions. And on the off chance you can’t find the answers you need here, please, give us a call and schedule an appointment today!