Enjoy new seating in your Arizona pools

Pool Features Deep Dive: Seating Options

As you might expect, we are excited about all the modern options you can add to your pool today. What was once basically nothing more than a rectangular hole in the ground filled with water can be magically made into almost any shape or design that the human mind can imagine, and because pools are where we desert dwellers spend so much of our summer months, it only makes sense that we try to make it comfortable and fun to play in. This guide to the different seating options you can have installed in your pool will ensure that you, your family, and all invited guests will want to spend even more time in its watery depths than your neighbors do in their own more boring and less inviting Arizona pools!

The Basics of Arizona Pools

Pool seating has evolved from the small rectangular shelves often found on one side or more, although those are still popular choices, and if you are on a budget, can be an inexpensive addition to the construction. These loveseats are simple to build and are great spots to read, relax, or talk with your friends on the hottest days of summer. If you have a larger pool, go ahead and build more than one; two is average, but remember the only limits to what you can add to your pool are the limits of your imagination. Take it up a notch by shaping the seating area to match the curve of your pool and add a built-in table for a cool spot to lunch or enjoy sipping cocktails with your friends. Leave a hole in the center to install an umbrella and you may never want to go inside your house again!

The Next Level

We mentioned a built-in table in the paragraph above, but why stop there? Built-in bars complete with concrete stools are popular choices these days, especially when you build them in a grotto! Swim under the cave-like covering, belly up to the bar without fear of burning under the scorching hot sun, and enjoy the flavors of your favorite tropical drinks with friends.

The Ultimate in Pool Luxury

What used to be known as tanning ledges, built up landings that can be utilized as places to lay and tan, are now often called sun shelves or Baja benches; these can be the ultimate in pool luxury! Add a spot for an umbrella to stay shaded and cool on the hottest days of summer and place one of your own lightweight lounge chairs on the shelf and you have created the most perfect space in your yard. And because we at New Image Landscape and Pools do not subscribe to the belief that less is more, how about considering adding something more permanent to your Baja bench? Loungers created from a variety of materials come in a large selection of colors, giving swimmers the perfect place to lounge while allowing homeowners the opportunity to personalize their backyard even further! Add a small table between two loungers on which you can rest your beverages between sips, invite a few guests, and turn up the tunes; your summer adventures are destined to be memorable ones when you add comfort options to your pool!

A New Direction

This next hint involves more than just a place to sit in your pool, it actually solves access issues for people with mobility problems. The beach entry slope, filled with sand or left to match the rest of the pool’s surface area, is a modern option that combines form and function. Eliminating the need to maneuver slippery steps that are often spaced a little too far apart for shorter legs, swimmers can casually walk into the water much like they would in the ocean. Adding sand gives you an ocean vibe and a soft place to rest your pool chairs, but as we stated above, it is not necessary. Your pool will be accessible, comfortable, and attractive with or without a sandy slope!

Keep It Simple

As you begin the construction process of your new pool, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the sheer volume of decisions that have to be made, so keeping it simple and sticking with a loveseat or two may ease the stress of decision making! We at New Image Landscape and Pools will work with you to help you make your backyard space a dream come true, and when you run out of ideas, we’re here to help! After years of being in the landscape and pool business, we have enough ideas to make your new pool the spot you will never want to leave. Give us a call today!