Pool Fences

pool fenceA pool can be a wonderful way to relax and cool off during the long months of summer, but they can also be a potential hazard to members of your home and/or neighborhood. Young children are drawn to the shimmering surface, leading to dangerous outcomes if there is no barrier to keep them away. You’ve all seen the warnings that state two seconds is too long; water emergencies can happen in just a split second, changing your life forever. Pool fencing is one way to help ensure the safety of your family and should not be considered an option that is too expensive. There are many styles of fencing, with prices that range from reasonable to higher end, and they can be attractive additions to your property as well!

Iron Fencing

Traditional iron fencing has been the go-to style for decades. It generally comes in either black or green and is about 5 feet tall, with no frills. It is still popular due to its cost and effectiveness.

If money is an issue, this is the type of pool fence you may want to consider. For those who want the effectiveness of iron fencing, but find it a little boring and/or unattractive, custom iron pool fences cost a little more, but come in more colors and styles. They have plenty of room for customization; you can choose to add an ornamental gate, an extra curve, or a color that complements your house in a way that is stylish AND safe, options that make iron pool fences in Phoenix a popular choice.

Vinyl Fencing

There have been great strides made in the vinyl fencing world, giving you the option of a more decorative and visually appealing pool fence while keeping costs to a minimum. The options for ornamental gates aren’t as plentiful as they are with an iron fence, but you also never have to worry about it rusting out and becoming a safety hazard. If you want a fence that’ll last through years of rain and weather, consider a vinyl pool fence in AZ.

Mesh Pool Fencing

A relative newcomer to the fencing world, mesh pool fencing is a perfect option for those of you who only need to have a fence around your pool temporarily. Designed to be removable—you don’t need to drill holes in your concrete or in your patio columns—each piece snaps securely into a heavy base that is set in place in any design needed. The gates are self-closing and self-latching, so there is no need to worry about it being left open, and it is permanent until you take it down. Grandchildren can be safe during their visits and then, when they are gone, you can take down the fencing and enjoy an unobstructed view of your backyard paradise!

There’s Never a Substitute for Supervision

A pool fence can help keep your children and pets safe and secure, but you still need to be alert yourself. New Image Landscape and Pools has been installing vinyl, mesh, and iron pool fences in phoenix AZ for years. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation; your child’s life could depend on it!