“Gold” Pool Package

Lit pool with overhanging rock waterfall and pool-side lighting by New Image, Mesa's landscaping company









The Gold Pool Package

Maybe your budget isn’t as large, or maybe your yard is closer to a standard Arizona backyard size and you really just don’t have the room for a larger pool. You don’t have to give up the idea of building a pool, just take a look at our Gold Pool Package; it’s designed to be just the complete in ground pool package you need! New Image Landscape and Pools understands that’s not everyone’s wallet is built the same and we offer deals on swimming pools for nearly every budget. The right to a beautiful pool should be available for everyone, don’t you think?

Featuring All the Basics and a Few Extras You Wouldn’t Expect!

Our Gold Pool Package covers all the basics, including excavation, equipment, and plumbing for an 82-linear foot play pool with three, four, and five foot depths and includes a lifetime warranty on the shell. We stand behind our products and our workmanship at all budgets!

Arizona homes tend to have smaller backyards, and the 720 square feet of internal area on our Gold Pools still offers plenty of play space for larger families and pool parties without taking up all the space in your yard.

The extras on this beauty include two sheer descents for crystal clear waterfalls, up to 240 square feet of travertine paver decks, and up to 60 square feet of Baja steps—a little extra that doesn’t come standard with the Platinum Package!

Offering $3500 in savings, the Gold Pool Package will cost you less than a luxury SUV and gives you everything you need with just a few minor adjustments. For example, the pool light is a 400-watt white one, versus the LED color light available in the platinum complete in ground pool package. Two volleyball sleeves allow for summer competitions, and an umbrella sleeve protects from the harsh rays of the desert sun. We’ve thought of everything when it comes to your comfort and safety!

There’s No Reason to Suffer from the Heat Any Longer!

We live in the desert, and during much of the year, our temperatures run between hot and “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” A pool can be your salvation, keeping you cool during the worst of the heat. Did you know that a leisurely swim before bed lowers your core body temperature and allows you to stay cool and refreshed throughout the night? Your next summer can be the best one ever; all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us today!