“SILVER” Pool Package



The Silver Pool Package

Summer time in the desert can be made that much more bearable with the addition of a pool in your backyard, but the expense can sometimes be a problem. In fact, you may have thought that owning your own pool is way out of your price range. With the Silver Pool Package, however, you may discover you no longer need to put your dreams on hold! Offering a $3500 price savings, the summer of 2017 can be your best one yet when you install a new pool with New Image Landscape and Pools. Keep reading to determine if the Silver Pool Package will be the complete pool package that works for you!

Featuring Everything You Need to Stay Cool This Summer

Whether your yard or your wallet is too small for the larger in ground pool packages, you may find that the Silver Pool Package is just right! Featuring 80 linear feet in perimeter play pool with an internal area of 720 square feet, the ultra-low sticker price is less than the cost of many sedans! This is one of our best deals on pools and it includes all the basics, including excavation, equipment, plumbing, and 240 square feet of acrylic lace decking, plus a lifetime warranty on the shell and The Pool Cleaner vacuum for easy maintenance.

The Pentair variable speed pool pump is the best in the business, and we’ve even included two volleyball sleeves for summer games with the kids and neighbors. Any extras you think you may want can always be added somewhere down the road when your finances allow it!

The standard mechanical pool pump helps keep your summer utility bills down; all you need to do is program the running times and let the box do the rest. The automatic water leveler means you won’t have to leave the hose running every day. All our in ground pool packages contain the equipment necessary to take the hard work out of owning your own pool!

New Image Landscape and Pools Has a Pool Package that Matches All Budgets!

Schedule your appointment today and discover what we can do to help this summer be the coolest yet. Our complete pool packages, including the Silver Pool Package, are designed to help you stay comfortable without having to stress over the costs. You work hard for your money and you deserve to be able to treat yourself without worry! New Image Landscape and Pools can be your “coolest” friend this summer; all you have to do is give us a call to start discussing our in ground pool package prices and options! Summer is always right around the corner when you live in the desert!